Monday, May 21, 2012

Four coats I would buy right now

Outerwear is one of my favorite categories of clothing. So purposeful, so functionally adult, so sensible. And a good piece of outwear immediately makes an outfit look finished - regardless of whether it's a parka or a woolen coat. With the current erratic weather here and the imminent winter, a coat is always some I grab before I head out the door. I have about five on regular rotation (the navy trench, a beige anorak, a yellow, a pink, and a long unlined wool coat) but I always seem to find myself wanting a new one. Here are four somewhat-transeasonal coats that I would buy right now if I could. Although coat pricing can be painfully high, these are all pretty reasonable considering the quality and cost per wear. Most of these retail for $500 New Zealand or less. Coats are generally worth spending more on as they hang around your wardrobe longer and actually have a functional purpose - not to mention a good coat makes you look awesome. 

Camo is definitely a thing right now. Between Workshop's winter collection that was full of it, the abundance of Army Surplus gear I've seen on people around town, and the upcoming spring collections I've seen so far - it's definitely a thing right now. I like this incarnation in this A.P.C parka, available at Fabric Teed Street. Although technically a parka rather than a long coat, it's still a heavy duty option compared to just a jacket.

While neutrals are all very well, a cheerfully coloured piece of outerwear is a great way to cheer up a grey day - and harder to leave behind in a cafe. I like the classic, vibrant red of this Lacoste - and the drawstring toggle details and contrasting buttons. NZ$431.93

You can't really go past heritage when it comes to functional outerwear. This mens coat has the length, design and functionality that it means business. It's also the most fantastic shade of army green. £479.65

So you may have heard that J Crew ships to New Zealand now?
Image Sources: A.P.C, J Crew, Mr Porter, ASOS.

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  1. Love the Lacoste one! I generally rely on shirts to brighten up my winter outfits but this one might be a good way to break the habit...