Monday, April 30, 2012

Violet Lips: 'Heroine' by MAC

Friends and regular readers will know that I'm a bit of lipstick fiend, it being one of the makeup items I commit to wholeheartedly. I've been hunting for the perfect purple lipstick forever - because you know, it's one of those super important tasks you just have to achieve in life. I mentioned last week that MAC had released two amazing purple shades in their latest "Reel Sexy" collection (fronted by the great Kirsten McMenamy). Naturally I got myself down to the MAC Pro store in Britomart this morning as soon as the collection hit counters and I'm glad I did. Called Heroine, this shade is basically the perfect purple. Rich, bold and flattering - not to mention a more unexpected alternative to red and pink. And just matte enough to be long lasting. I'm pretty sure this is all you'll be seeing me in for the next two weeks, and you should definitely get your hands on this before it sells out.

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