Monday, April 23, 2012

Shopping Guide: Sherie Muijs at Room 228

Sorry for the blogging absence the past few days, I was shooting all day today and this weekend was hectic like nothing else. Mostly because of the Bad Girls Club frat party I went to on saturday night at Flagship. It was amazing, best party I've been to in so long. Those guys know how to produce a great night out. I may or may not have been in a cheerleader's uniform. Just your average weekend.

One of the more civilised and productive things I did over the course of the weekend was check out Sherie Muijs' new retail space in Room 228 on Jervois Road. Room 228 is behind the fantastic Zus & Zo cafe in Herne Bay - go through the cafe and it's down the back in a lovely, high-ceilinged villa room. The space stocks Muijs' current shirting range that I've written about quite frequently lately, as well as some select archival pieces like the famous mustard trousers. 

Room 228 is open Thursday to Sunday from 10am-3pm. Sherie herself will be in store on Saturdays so stop by for a coffee and a look through the range. The pumpkin shirts are still my favorite.

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