Monday, April 16, 2012

Sherie Muijs: Shirt #2

Shirts by Sherie Muijs make up an important part of my wardrobe; I have a white, a pumpkin and a navy check on rotation at the moment and all get worn nearly once a week. Whenever I'm having a bad day, in a rush or having a neurotic melt-down about what to wear I end up throwing on some trousers and one of Muijs' shirts. Naturally I wear them on good days too of course - you look instantly pulled together and calm.

With so much tradition and history behind them and their place as a unisex, democratic garment they evoke a great deal when worn. It's also all these traditional details that set what seems like a simple shirt apart. Considered finishings, thoughtful details and high quality cotton are important - all of which are integral parts of Muijs' shirt range. This shirt is the Number Two; a collarless women's shirt with simple, clean details in that classic white cotton. The neckline facing is a particularly elegant finish for a women's shirt.

The following shots are all from the medium-format film roll that Oliver took when we were shooting Fabric's shirting range.

 Shirt #2 by Sherie Muijs from her Winter 12 collection is available at Fabric.
For more of Fabric's shirting range, see here.

Grace from N Models was shot by Oliver Rose on medium format film at Flagship and styled by Emma Gleason

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