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Preview: Salasai Spring 12/13 at Blue Sky

Salasai designer Kirsha Whitcher recently moved to the sunny west coast of Australia, namely Perth. That hasn't decreased her visibility or success here however, with her winter collection experiencing a huge amount of coverage. Salasai is one of the local designers who will be presenting their full Spring 12/13 collections on the runway this coming tuesday night at Blue Sky. I had a quick chat with Kirsha about her spring collection, design process and how the label has been doing lately. 

What are you exploring with your collection for this Spring? 
 Colour and prints are big for us this season, introduction to our own hand drawn perennial pop art has been a lot of fun also the use of pink in a Salasai range for the first time is magic for us as well. 
How do your spring collections differ from your winter collections (other than the obvious seasonal, practical differences)? Do you explore different ideas or moods? 
Every season we stay true to our Salasai aesthetic but we like to explore and extend our boundaries keeping it fresh each season, this SS12/13 we have introduced some new form fitted shapes for women and classic shapes for men.

Are there any exciting fabrics or exclusive prints in the range? 
 Yes we worked with textile artist Tony to come up with a 70’s inspired perennial wall paper print, she spent time experimenting with space, size and colours involved in the floral print giving this print a new personality than florals of the past and with the black space surrounding each giant hand drawn flower she really did achieve the theme well. 
Do you have any particular favourite pieces from the new range? 
 Love Field Dress and I also love the Cerese Dead Garden Dress 
Are there any muses or reference points you find yourself returning to when you design? 
The idea to come up with the 70’s perennial wall paper print came from Sharon Stone’s epic performance in movie ‘Casino’ and as this print took on a life of its own, the range evolved into a fresh new encounter of modern minimalism.

What are your thoughts on having a runway show option of Blue Sky at this end of the fashion calendar? 
Thought it was an epic idea!! Fantastic that Murray Bevan has given us the opportunity to do this with Showroom 22 10th year anniversary.
What are you most looking forward to with Blue Sky? 
The Salasai Show!! Seeing everyone again and showcasing to our stockists and media our new SS12/13 collection.

Salasai Spring Campaign

Do you have signature pieces that carry through from collection to collection or that you are well known for?
Yes we ran a few styles we are known for, easy pieces you tie yourself into like the Grasslands dress and House dress of old seasons, we adapted and introduced in new colours.
Does your location have much impact on your design or business? 
It did at first, but as I have settled and accepted new surroundings and let the sand settle so to speak, design and working here has been great, we wont see if my new environment will impact on my design till I finish AW13 ☺
If you could describe your typical customer in a short sentence what would it be? 
 She/he would naturally know how to style him/herself - one who knows how to dress a look up or down, confident and assured, not a follower of trends but more innovative in her approach to fashion.

Have you had any particularly exciting media coverage or new stockists lately? 
We have been so lucky to have front covers of two Australian Magazines, Frankie and new mag Stone Fox lately and have had significant 8 page editorial coverage in Milk Magazine Hong Kong.
Do you find yourself drawn more to a particular season when it comes to designing (or shopping for yourself)? 
No, but I feel Spring Summer is less serious more fun.
How has reception and sales of your winter collection (which is in stores now) been? 
Great! Our stores are happy with sell through so far which keeps us happy also press has been good to compliment.
How has the label grown and developed (aesthetically/economically/logistically) since you first started out? Where do I start? 
Salasai really grew once we introduced the unisex aspect of the collection in SS 2010. We’ve just built on that unisex/androgynous ideal since then, now the collection is moving toward modern minimalism which means the brand is forever evolving.

Thanks Kirsha!

Image Sources: Salasai

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