Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretend Shopping for accessories on Opening Ceremony

What's the best thing to do at 11:30 at night when you have about $1.20 in your bank account and have had a fragile, emotional day? Spend around an hour on the Opening Ceremony online store and write a list of what you would buy if you had an Amex, Money Tree or rich boyfriend. Of course. No, but seriously. I did that before bed last night - mostly after my friend Glen sent me the link to those Spring 12 Christopher Kane shoes on OC. You know, the infamous pool shoes. Because what else can make you feel better after an existential crisis and female meltdown than opinion-dividing metallic brocade nouveau-Tevas?


I really need a new wallet. Mine's looking like it has seen better days. I really want to replace it with one of the long CDG wallets that can double as a pseudo-clutch so I can go sans-bag. $260

Nothing compares with the warmth and softness of a cashmere beanie, and this cheerful red is perfect. Not to mention evocative of Jacques Cousteau and Steve Zissou. $145

Part two in Opinion Dividing Footwear at Opening Ceremony are these delightfully solid and probably orthopedic sandals. $575

This bag combines two of my favorite motifs - camouflage and daisies. $105

Minimal, strappy and a total 90s throwback. Also a great alternative to heels for a slinky dress. Naturally compliment these with that other 90s throwback, the spaghetti strap. Ally McBeal would be proud. $405

Why have one jacquard fair-isle print when you can have two? $25

I can't go past loafers as my sensible slip-on shoe of choice. If I'm not wearing converse I'm probably wearing penny-loafers. My current pair need replacing, so Bass ones would be perfect. $105


Basically just because this is such a great shade of pink. $60
Image source: Opening Ceremony


  1. So much awesomeness going on here. Those chloe sev x oc sandals are fantastic. As is the daisy camo bag. Viva le 90s! I would wear those non stop if my bank account balance would allow.