Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Tuesday 24th April

Kept it super simple last night at Blue Sky - knitwear and a skirt is ladylike and easy. This jumper by Juliette Hogan is such a great shade of mustard with a high neck, it also comes in black and cream. Last night was also one of the rare occasions when I eschewed my usual converse to wear heels. With shoes, I have no middle ground - it's either converse/loafers or stilettos. I didn't anticipate being out until 1am however so by the time I got in a taxi to go home my feet were killing me. But worth it.

What I wore:
- Juliette Hogan jumper.
- Black and white check silk-tafetta skirt I made
- Topshop heels
- Deadly Ponies bag


  1. LOVE your skirt Emma! You should make these as well as your trousers - I would definitely buy!!

  2. I want a skirt like that, too!

  3. Danngg, looking good! Really love the jumper, looks like an immensely flattering rollneck-the holy grail!

  4. do you make those skirts like you do the trousers? x

  5. Hi! Not officially, but i can :)

  6. would love to buy one, could I email you to discuss?