Monday, April 9, 2012

Girls On Film: Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit

One of the things I did do this Easter weekend was finally watching True Grit lastnight. Naturally it has gone straight to my Favorite Movies Of All Time list. A superior remake of the John Wayne original that came out in 1969, it stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Barry Pepper (my favorite under-appreciated supporting actor ever). Best of all the fantastic Hailee Steinfeld as the protagonist Mattie Ross - vigilante heroine who travels into Indian Territory to avenge her fathers death. The costuming is pitch perfect, with Mattie opening the film in austere, restrained protestant dress (and those painfully neat plaits). She dons her late fathers trousers, hat and coat (all cinched in to fit her frame by a heavy men's belt) when she goes to avenge his murderer. Her few costume changes are sober, functional and dark in palette and feature a strong, arresting silhouette - reflecting her forthright manner, strong ethics and steely willpower.

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