Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Foolproof Winged Eyeliner

This is totally turning into a makeup-orientated day on the blog. I wasn't originally planning to blog about this but after a bunch of twitter-responses I decided it was worth sharing. As much as I love the look of winged eyeliner I've always been incapable of nailing it - always to flicked, or asymmetric or mis-angeled.  Every attempt ended up in my wiping it off in frustration and rolling with a bare eye and red lipstick instead. So yesterday when I was on a shoot with the lovely and super-talented Amber D from MAC Cosmetics, I asked her for tips on how to do a cats-eye without the usual angst and failure. 

Turns out there's only one tip and it's super easy. Instead of applying it with your eyes closed (as I had been) start with the eye open and lightly draw the wing where you want it, before closing the eye and completing the line to the lid. Ridiculously easy solution really. I used MAC's Penultimate Eyeliner but I really want to get some Fluidline next time I'm in store - which, as I mentioned earlier today, will probably be Monday morning.

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  1. Fluidline is good. It requires an extremely steady hand but it's super easy to apply.