Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Warmers: Yellow

So this is something I'm doing for wednesdays for the next few months as the weather cools down and rain starts up (not that it ever stopped over summer here really). Pieces that have some point of functionality and purpose.

My favorite part of wet weather is the iconic yellow rainjacket. So cheerful and also so sensible. This jacket by Hentsch Man from Mr Porter is the perfect incarnation of this traditional garment. I like the hidden placket, tortoiseshell buttoned cuffs and the the pockets that function as both flapped pockets and side pockets. £440

Although you can leave the house in bad weather and don some awesome, functional outerwear, you can also stay inside and curl up with a blanket. Like this from Father Rabbit. $119
Image sources: Father Rabbit & Mr Porter


  1. Hi Emma, could you please feature a 'budget option' in his series? As great as these items are, I'm sure majority of your readers can't afford it. This would be the most amazing series if the items looked great and had an affordable pricetag!!


  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Yes I agree! And plan to include more wallet friendly pieces in this feature each week. However I don't want this to be one if those pieces on an expensive version and budget version of the same item.
    Whatever their price, pieces will be featured on their own merit, quality and function.


  3. Quality is important though!