Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Wednesday 28th March

I'm really pleased I found this skirt. Whilst it's not actual Burberry, it's still 100% wool and made in New Zealand (quite old by the looks of it but great condition). Not to mention there's impeccable check-matching on the side seams.

What I wore:
- Vintage skirt
- Comme des Garcons Play tshirt from Fabric
- Glassons jacket
- Converse
- Karen Walker sunglasses
What I did:
- Coffee at Kokako.
- Fabric hunting in Otara for this gallery project I'm helping Jack with.
- Lunch at Carl's Jnr.
- And then of course we had to go to Martha's Backyard around the corner and buy poptarts.
- Stolen Girlfriends Club's Spring 12 collection presentation - more on this soon.
- Maaike store opening in St Kevin's Arcade.
- Remix Magazines issue launch party at the awesome Imperial Lane on Fort Lane.
- Burritos!


  1. This skirt blows my mind... It's amazing! P.S. I bought some Humble Trousers from you recently and EVERY single time I've worn them so far I've had lovely comments - makes me never want to take them off (but that would be gross) :-)

  2. 1. Carl's Jnr. I'm of the brown persuasion and am EXTREMELY jealous this does not exist on the shore.
    2. The more I hear, the more I need a pair of Humbles.
    3. Burbs in the burbs is a good look.
    4. Openings/launches/collections everywhere and I am not ashamed to cry, "FOMO!" or is that "AMO!"? [Actually Missing Out]
    5. Shape of Karens?

  3. Amazing outfit! Where's your go-to places for vintage shopping?