Saturday, March 3, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Friday 2nd May - The Weather Bomb Edition

Yesterday was all about the imminent weather bomb - civil defense warnings and everything. It's hard to dress for a combination of that and NZ Fashion Festival, so I went for a trousers-sweater-coat combo - that sensible decision will never fail you. I think I've worn yellow nearly every day this week. Apparently that's my thing now.

What I wore:
- Coat from my graduate collection.
- Mens jumper from Country Road.
- Converse - eight years old and counting.
- That same gold chain I always wear.
What I did:
- Spent the morning blogging and editing photos.
- Had a bagel at Dizengoff with Jack, Areez and the usual suspects.
- Had a coffee with my friend Tom and talked suits, life and taxes.
- Went down to Shed 10 for the last night of NZFF (more on that later).
- Then we went to Sal's for pizza. It was my first time - I've held out so long. It was good, very New York. I still prefer Il Buco in Ponsonby though.

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  1. Ah Il Buco is the best, there's a great really Italian style cheap and easy pizza place in the Chancery though that I think trumps all, if you like pizza you should definitely try it - That's Amore :)