Sunday, March 25, 2012

Film Love: Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted has hands down some of my favorite film wardrobe ever. The clothing quietly reflects the emotional turmoil of the institutionalized women and the context of the time and place. Winona Ryder's Susanna wears a timeless, boyish wardrobe wardrobe is a reaction to both the accepted notion of middle-class femininity in suburbia and the anti-war hippie movement. It's also at odds with her "symptoms" of promiscuity. Likewise Jolie's sociopathic Lisa has her turbulent unpredictability is reflected in her wardrobe of the same dirty white jeans, afghan coat and limited rotation of worn out singlets and a chopped off fringe.

Costume design by Arianne Phillips.
Please credit if reposting my screengrabs thankyou.

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