Monday, March 19, 2012

Anticipating Autumn: with Glen Prentice

Glen Prentice is a very good friend of mine and a very talented young designer with a thoughtful approach to dressing and the purpose and effect of clothing.

What aesthetic are you being drawn to with regards to your own wardrobe and way of dressing now cold weather is imminent? 
 As soon as the weather starts to become colder I've always jumped into layers and layers of clothing. I thoroughly enjoy the simple dress throughout summer but when autumn sets in, I'm ready to start piling some more on. There is something so comforting about wearing layers and autumn is fantastic because on those crisp days you can dress in your borderline winter gears but still have the enjoyment of sunny clear skies. This season, I'm looking to refine the way in which I work with layers, making a look more silhouette driven with a focus on bold clean shapes and then using colour to enhance this. I want everything to be somewhat simple, but not necessarily 'minimal'. I think adventuring into shapes and silhouette is most effective when kept simple.
What pieces have you bought / want to buy for autumn/winter? (locally and internationally) 
 Every year I want a good pair of gloves. I never find the pair I want, I really want a nice black leather pair a la Jil Sander menswear Fall 12. I'm also desperate for some new casual shoes, and am completely lost on that one. I wore a pair of work-style boots all last winter but now I can't put them on without feeling odd. The proportions are wrong now, they are just too heavy-looking. Also in the need for some new pants and possibly if I find the right one, a kilt. Does new music count too?
Jil Sander and Kris Van Assche

Any dream pieces from international designers? 
 I love this question! I would pretty much appreciate anything from the last Kris Van Assche collection, especially a vest or jacket. It was just all so good. Or one of weirdly shaped jumpers from Lanvin, those shoulders and sleeves are something else! I could just keep going and going, there are too many dream pieces for me. Also, new season womens Balenciaga is amazing but I'm still obsessed with the jackets from last.
Lanvin & Dries Van Noten

Any bargains / epic scores? 
Tatty's is such an amazing place to pick up a bargain. In the last month I've picked up two gorgeous pieces. Firstly was a Margiela sweater with really cool shoulder seams that give the impression of wearing it backwards, it's also such a nice blue. Secondly is a black short-sleeved Marni coat which has the most incredible shape. I'm so in love with the pattern cutting of this particular piece, it's really incredible. - What cool-weather basics do you rely on? A good scarf, every time. However more generally, just pieces that have the ability to be comfortable within inconsistent weather forecasts and temperatures, those that work well with others when needing to layer but then stand alone again when your indoors. The new i-D issue is called Whatever the Weather and talks a lot about the need for all-year-round clothing, an interesting topic considering the 'summer' we just had.


All images from Glen Prentice

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