Monday, March 12, 2012

Anticipating Autumn: with Charlotte Rust

We've already heard from Dan Ahwa, next up to talk about their wardrobe is Charlotte Rust - stylist and vintage queen.

What aesthetic are you being drawn to with regards to your own wardrobe and way of dressing now cold weather is imminent? 
 I am drawn to a fairly classic way of dressing, my idea of classic being simple silhouettes in the form of shirts, good quality, well cut t-shirts, tailored jackets and jeans, always skinny jeans. Probably something I need to branch out from but I am intrinsically a lazy dresser. James Dobson jokes about how I always buy the same boot - black ankle boot, most often a wedge, even in a sneaker - Isabel Marant. I am a jacket fanatic so more often than not my daily uniform is jeans, t-shirt, jacket, boots and one or two considered accessories.

What pieces have you bought / want to buy for autumn/winter? (locally and internationally) 
I look forward to throwing my fringed Pendleton shawl over everything this winter. I have bought a charcoal tweed Isabel Marant biker style jacket which will be invaluable. My wish list is pretty precise - Acne Low Rider boots in black for everyday wear, upgrade my vintage plaid with an Isabel Marant plaid shirt and most likely her chambray one too, rose gold MMM rings, some burgundy jeans, a CdG fluro clutch and I definitely want the grey Alexander Wang shirt that is hanging in Workshop at the moment. My Rick Owens leather bracelets will be firmly in place on my wrist all winter.

Any dream pieces from international designers? 
I would love a leather Demeulemeester cap but I have only seen the floppy hats online, besides they are about $1500 so pretty much a fantasy. I am pretty obsessed with the MMM green snakeskin boots and also his turkish rug themed pieces. Afghan rugs have been an interior obsession of mine recently so it figures.

Any bargains / epic scores? 
My black leather biker jacket at $30, it's a beauty and a winter staple. I bought an IM chambray patch shirt at 65% off which I love wearing.

 What cool-weather basics do you rely on? Comme des Garcons candles, not an item of clothing but a winter essential to set the mood. I have an array of vintage army parkas which are my go to coats constantly, as is all the second hand army surplus in my wardrobe. When it is really cold I'm afraid it is a black beanie, fingerless gloves and my Frye engineer boots.

Ps. Splurged on the Alexander Wang Rafael bag for winter

All images supplied by Charlotte Rust

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