Saturday, March 31, 2012

6 things you should get from Workshop's winter womens range

I really liked Workshop's winter collection - especially the complimentary mix of leather-clad sex kitten and denim tomboy. I first saw it last year at Fashion Week, in one of the best locations of the week - the town hall. Now that it's 2012 and Autumn wardrobe time, I had another look at the collection and it has so many pieces that are wardrobe mainstays (or need to be). 

Two things I love at the moment are in this one look; denim-on-denim and puffer outerwear. The traditional indigo blue of the shirt and jeans are so good - and a refreshing change to that washed out denim that's been so ubiquitous lately. The vest is a good tran-seasonal option; functional and a subtle dose of that great nylon sheen.

I think the hottest look from any show at NZFW, and the one that endured most in my mind until even now is the skinny leather trousers from Workshop paired with stilettos and a crisp white. This look proves you don't need to reveal any skin to create a strong, simple look that exudes sex-appeal.

I love a good trouser, as regular readers know - and this pinstriped wool pair would be such a great option. The straight, looser cut shape is a nice alternative to a skinnier pant. You could do the slouchy, tomboy thing with these or put on heels and a silk camisole.

Speaking of skinny trousers, if you get any they should probably be this red pair.  The cropped leg looks amazing with heels.

Winter is all about coats. Which, incidentally, are quite hard to find. This classic black coat would never date, and as seen here it looks as good with weekend denim as it would out at night or with a more tailored day-to-day look.

I like crisp, selvedge denim. Harder to wear - both in what you pair with it and the literal feel of the trousers on - but with so much integrity. Also the total antithesis to all the stretchy cotton masquerading as denim around at the moment.
Image source: Workshop

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  1. Raw denim. Obsessed. Breaking in your pair is the best feeling EVER. Patience and commitment: mandatory.