Monday, March 26, 2012

6 things you should get from Karen Walker's winter collection

Spots on spots are a good thing. And this is one of the few fabrics that the very awesome Karen Walker boat-pant came in this season. The inky blue and small polka-dots are cute without being overwhelming. The shirt in particular is good to pair with a sharp pencil skirt for work or open over jeans and a tshirt on the weekend.

I think this is my favorite print from the collection. I ended up buying a hat in it, but it's definitely awesome in the tea dresses - particularly this one. Sleeves are a very good thing on dresses, and the maroon base colour works really well with dark tights as the weather gets colder.

This dress is such a simple shape and a great shade of navy that it just works. I also like the clean line of the v-neck. It's as unfussy as you could possibly get for a dress and all the cooler for it.

If you want a clutch you are never going to leave in a bar and could potentially match your nails to, these embossed houndstooth bags are the way to go. So solid, so bright and they have a hidden chain so you can go hands free. Although I think it's a much cuter gesture to clutch these guys under your arm.

Every season, without fail, Karen puts out a must-have sweatshirt. This seasons is polka-dotted and all about that American Girl as the collections muse.

I love how unashamedly fun and sweet this jumpsuit is - embracing the floral print and candy pink with a bow to boot.
Image Source: Karen Walker


  1. I have 2.4 recommendations on this list...yuss! Am I cool now? JK. Good picks.

  2. Loving this series and loving that navy dress!

  3. We love Karen Walkers upcoming collection too - Seamonsters. I am starting to save now!

  4. I was shocked to see the pink painterly jumpsuit in the 'miss' section of hit and miss (or something like that) of NZ Women's Weekly. ^_^ I yelled out a big b---- puhLEEEZ.