Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 things you should get from Sylvester's winter collection

If you're going shopping today (and you probably are since it's sunny and new collections are in store and it's also Ponsonby Market Day) you should get into the new Kate Sylvester stores in Tyler Street downtown or the Ponsonby Road pop-up. As I mentioned the other day, I really like the new Sylvester collection. Particularly that striped look. But there's other great stuff too, like paisley - which I'm also really into right now, as is also clear by my Tumblr.

As seen in this first look. I've I had to choose I'd do the trousers, but the paisley-on-paisley looks great together. Pajama-dressing without looking like actual pajamas.

Print-on-print looks are cute, as we saw above. And like this. Floral, but dark so it's not too sweet. If you have the legs for it, best worn with socks and flats.

This is the skirt part of that striped look I blogged about lastweek. I'm getting the whole stripe-on-stripe look but plan to wear them separately too.

Shirt dresses are always a good decision. Wear on their own or add a sweater and some tights as it gets colder. Also, a good way to wear a dress without looking to girly or overdressed.

Spots-on-spots. Cute. Good pants, relaxed tshirt. The grey base-colour keeps it from being to optical.

This dress is great, it's been on a few shoots recently and is one of the easiest go-to dresses this season. Also, it's a great blue.

That paisley top works well on it's own too, especially here with the complimentary stripes.

I've got a thing for red trousers. And these are a really good shade. I'd wear these with a simple grey tshirt or sweater. But they look great with stripes too (as stripes go with literally everything).

We all know I've talked about this before. And I did end up putting it on layby. Can't wait! Stay tuned.

This grey and black striped sweater is the perfect mix of prints and neutrals with a vaguely athletic vibe. Would go with everything from blue jeans to a print (as seen here).
Source: Kate Sylvester

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