Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love: The Ingenues

The amazing covers of the latest issue of Love magazine are slowly trickling out. I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on this issue - all the content looks even better than usual - and the covers and heavenly (quite literally) with beautiful girls and women in fragile whites crying and looking, well, beautiful. All the young ingenues covers are out so far - with Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and Chloe Moretz out so far. The four or so more covers featuring models remain to be released (bar Lara's) but will probably be equally stunning. Of the younger, thespian guard, which is your favorite?

source: tfs

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Does Gaga Do It?

One of the highlights of my day at uni today was getting to tentatively stumble around in an amazing pair of wooden wedges made by Nirtika in my design class. For a girl with subpar balance skills already, these backless wedges were a serious challenge - although also a whole lot of fun. And they do amazing things for a girls legs! How do Posh and Gaga stomp through Heathrow in footwear like this on a regular basis?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Icy Blondes Are The Best Kind

  • Forgo girl-nextdoor-blonde and head straight to cold, icy platinum.
  • Channel women like Tilda Swinton, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Gwyneth circa Great Expectations who nailed that Waspy, ice-queen look.
  • Avoid coming close to Playmate territory by keeping garments and silhouettes simple, chic and neutral. Restrained pieces and quiet classics work the best. If in doubt, study Bessette's iconic combination of Yohji-and-Manolos or those slip dresse Paltrow lived in during the nineties (and that A. Olsen is doing very successfully in the current Northern Hemisphere heatwave).
  • Similarly, the more natural and understated the makeup the better.
  • However don't underestimate the impact of a red lip against an icy palette; case in point, Zambesi's Spring campaign is stunning.
French Glamor May 1994 Nadja Auermann by Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld
Vogue Russia October 1998 "The Speed Of Light" James King by Neil Kirk

Abbey Lee
French Glamor October 1994 "ete Comme Hiver" by Glen Luchford


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Can't Get Enough: Of That Lanvin Yellow.

I never got around to doing a post on Lanvin's spring menswear collection when it first came out. But I still keep going back to that yellow-on-yellow look. It's the perfect example of a punchy, tonal look yet still manages to make perfect sense because every piece is so functional and wearable when pulled apart. Other than the amazing pallette of yellow, I'm also obsessed with all the little details like the zips and drawstrings.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I Learnt In Melbourne

So I have been totally slack on the blogging front lately. I unplugged as much as possible whilst in Melbourne, and ever since I got back things have been so busy that I have barely had a chance to sit down at a computer. So many apologies from me! In other news, Melbourne was great fun and just the break I needed. Everything I did and learnt can be summed up as follows.

Buying one pair of shoes is good. Buying three pairs of shoes is better.
Especially if you are like me and can seemingly never find any shoes that you A) like and B) fit. Also, those who know me will know I'm very much a flats girl - with good flats being so hard to find. I got lucky over in Melbourne however and found a great pair of loafers and a pair of actual ballet slippers that I have been wanting for so long. Very Chloe. I had a leather sole put on them yesterday so they have some longevity. I also found a brilliant pair of heels with a low, block heel that are ever so ladylike - and ever so reminiscent of a few seasons ago when Louis Vuitton and Prada were doing those womanly little heels.

Sleeping in until 11am every day aka old dogs can learn new tricks.
I have always been a morning person - up at seven every day. However for some reason I decided being away from home for a few days was a great time to totally whack out my body clock and sleep in until 1pm New Zealand time every day. Silly.

Drinking red wine every night is a great way to mellow out.
Every. Night. And it was great. Also, a great wine is made even greater by good food and amazing company.

I can bake great cornbread.
I'm pretty proud of this, as I'd never made it before yet on my first time I nailed the old family recipe. You can't beat good old American cornbread.

Pancake Parlour is a delicious and advisably biannual experience.
This was an experience. Pancakes with every possible side or condiment you can think of. If you want icecream, chocolate and sprinkles for breakfast, then you can. I went for a more restrained choice of the buckwheat with bacon and homemade hash - it was a good decision.

Sardines on toast is delicious: feat. Guy Coombes.
I love it when you spontaneously see someone from when you're away - it always feels like more of a treat than usual. I got to catch up with Guy Coombes over Supreme coffee and sardines on toast (seriously delicious) and hear all about his trip to Japan! We also had a hearty cackle over the though of aging, bedraggled Prada oxfords. You know, THOSE ones.

The latest and final Harry Potter is awesome.
I may have cried. Three times. And I'm not sorry about it.

As is Bladerunner.
My father has been nagging me to watch this for years. And I finally got round to it while I was away. It was worth the wait, I seriously loved it. It has aged surprisingly well too. Also, I would pay good money for Rachael's hair and eyebrows.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ballet Slippers

I've been wanting some traditional ballet slippers for a long time now for the slimness, comfort, flatness and elegance. Since I'm in Melbourne, I took the opportunity to visit a Bloch store and pick up a black pair. The variety of widths available are great for finding the perfect fit for narrow feet like mine. Once I get back home I plan to get a leather sole put on them so they have some longevity, but for now I'm enjoying how sweet and simple they look in the comfort of indoors.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Packing By The Numbers

Sorry for the intermittent blogging lately everyone. It may technically be uni holidays but I have been crazy busy. I'm also leaving for a few days in Melbourne this morning (I've been holding out for this holiday all year)!

5.5 - Days I'll be in Melbourne.
We lived there for a few years when I was a kid and still have some of my favorite relatives there! Whom we are lucky enough to be visiting and staying with. I also just love Melbourne as a city.

4:30 - Time of Check In.
This is mildly traumatising in that it means I will have to get up at around 3am. But it is great because I will most like spend the flight sleeping. And we will arrive in Melbourne at 9:30am so will have the whole day ahead of us.

2 - The number of Gleasons going (myself and my little sister).
Also the number of cousins we get to see while there.
And also the amount of books I am taking with me. Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis and The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (the latter is a re-read).

0 - The number of times I will fight with my aforementioned sister.
We are under strict instructions from our father to control those volatile tempers of ours and not fight once. Instead we will be all rainbows and butterflies the whole trip.

4 - The number of thermals I am taking with me.
One white crewneck, one pair of white thermal leggings, a snazzy striped zip-neck top and an old faithful singlet. They may not be that attractive but they sure do get me through winter, and word on the street is that Melbourne is freezing at the moment!

6 - Pairs of trousers I'm taking. 5 of which will fit thermal leggings underneath. I am soft.
Trousers are my go to garment. Especially when traveling. They are generally what every garment revolves around - usually being paired with a cashmere jumper and a simple tshirt. Easy.

1 - Number of Kings I will be seeing.
We are going to see King Tut!!!

I'll be hoping to blog plenty while I'm away. Okay I'm off to the airport soon. It's way too early. Thank god for coats that feel like dressing gowns.

Ps this ranty, list-orientated, over-personal post is obviously dedicated to Katherine because she is

Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspo For A Monday

Here's some of what I'm loving lately. The athletic, the high necks, Miu Miu and Dries.
Clockwise: Dries Van Noten Spring 12 menswear, image from Cool & Beauty, Chloe Sevigny in Self Service #2, Kate Moss (source unknown), baseball from the Life archives, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Face February 2000, Julia Nobis at Miu Miu Fall 11, Self Service #15 by Duc Laio.
Sources: The Fashion Spot, Self Service, Life Archives, Cool & Beauty,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miu Miu Fall 11 Hailee Steinfeld by Bruce Weber

Not only am I obsessed with the fall Miu Miu collection but the campaign featuring young Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit is my favorite so far of the season. Although Steinfeld is a young subject, the cinematic and nostalgic nature of the Bruce Weber lensed campaign gives the relationship between her and the collection some context. I get a forties rural Americana vibe, with Steinfeld in her sunday best. Some of the sweetest shots are the ones that highlight her youth - like the combination of pizza and a ladylike dress. She also reminds me strongly of a young Brooke Shields, maybe it's those fantastic brows.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The weather has been nasty today and all I've wanted to do was curl up in bed swaddled in clean sheets and a warm blanket.
The Face April 1999 "Swoon" by Mario Sorrenti and Joe Zee

Requiem For A Dream

Kings And Queenies 100% linen bedding (New Zealand made and designed) from Simon James at The Department Store

Rosemary's Baby 

The Face May 2002 "Turn Up The A-C" by Vincent Peters
Image Sources: The Fashion Spot, Nicky at Simon James, Google Image Search, by own screen shots.

"High Camp" Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Marianne Faithfull and friends by Bruce Weber 1997

I've been entranced with this editorial from a 1997 issue of W magazine ever since I discovered it in the depths of TFS a month or so ago. It combines icons like Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Marianne Faithfull with the seemingly disparate elements of idyllic, active outdoors setting and a tableau of iconic Americana and extended family. And it is classic Bruce Weber in it's spontaneity and relaxed feel - he was described in the latest issue of Industrie magazine as the man who has "art directed America" which is pretty on the money if you think about the impact his work for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Abercrombie & Fitch (not to mention all the leading publications) and how they have shaped the collective consciousness of the American aesthetic.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"She was the still point of the turning world, man."

Because I never tire of this film, nor the book. Both capture and tragic and romantic obsessions of youth the a microcosm of a neighborhood. And there will only ever be one Trip Fontaine.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pajama Dressing 101

I really don't function well in cold weather - I become somewhat petulant when cold and thoroughly indecisive with anything involving thought such as food, activity and above all, clothes. I approach the  latter by wearing as much comfortable, warm clothing as possible. The best garments feel (and often look) somewhat like pajamas - think loose trousers and warm jumpers. Even better is the clothing that lends itself to being worn straight to bed at the end of the day as I deliberate how few layers I will have to remove before I'm in an approximation of sleepwear.

This meandering train of thought leads me to the whole point of this post. Pajamas dressing; clothes that look suspiciously like pajamas (and feel wonderfully like them) and pajamas which are so luxurious and well made that they could pass off as clothing in the right context and combination. A perfect example is the sleepwear designed by Karen Walker for Katie Lockhart's new site Every Day Needs. As are the resort collections from The Row and Celine - both of which know how to create luxurious, ambiguous garments that could be worn for the full stretch of a day.
Clockwise: The Row Resort 12, Karen Walker x Every Day Needs nightshirt $105, Celine Resort 12, KW x EDN pajama pants $95, The Row Resort 12, KW x EDN pajamas pants $95, The Olsens in pajamas for Vogue, KW x EDN nightshirt $105, French Glamor September 1993 "Cecilia" by David Sims.
Sources: The Fashion Spot,, Every Day Needs.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

White On White

There is something fresh and timeless about white on white. Although pared back and simple it suggests luxury in the high maintenance nature of the colour (or lack thereof). White looks usually suggest summer, however I love it all cold and pure in a winter context. I also prefer it best executed in simple garments and varied tactile fabrics - from soft and luxurious cashmeres to traditional and functional drills.
Vogue Russia Sept 1998 Gisele Bundchen by Perry Ogden

The Row Fall 11

Self Service Number 9 by Paul Wetherell

Celine Fall 11

 From Turned Out

Celine Resort 12

French Glamor September 1993 "Cecilia" by David Sims

The Row Resort 12

Harper's BAZAAR July 1993 "Body Of Evidence" Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier
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