Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yes this is another colour post and I totally just spammed my own blog with a whole load of pink - but I'm not sorry. I'm still loving this colour and am so glad that it popped up at Comme des Garcons menswear in the perfect shade, layer upon layer.

Self Service Number 24 by Serge Leblon

French Glamor by Mikael Jansson

Gwyneth in that Ralph Lauren dress.


Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh 1999

 i-D February 2005 "View On Colour" by David Armstrong

Self Service Number 8 by Niels Schumm & Anuschka Blommers 

"On Wednesdays we wear pink."

 Self Service Number 19 Boyd by David Armstrong

Sources:, Self Service, The Fashion Spot.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jimmy D Spring 11/12 "Buzz Kill"

Even though it's the middle of winter (and finally, relatively freezing here) it has been pretty fun to get all excited about the spring collections from my favorite local designers. Jimmy D's spring lookbook is definitely one of my favorites. Featuring amazing new face Lili Sumner and the coolest purple dye job I've ever seen; "Buzz Kill" explores a prequel narative to James Dobson's witchy, Craft-reminiscent "Until The Light Takes Us" winter collection - it's the Jimmy D girl when she was still somewhat innocent and even wore florals. My favorite piece is without a doubt the humourously sad faced, pentacle-eyed smiley face that graces several garments - the white tank is firmly on my spring shopping list.

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Dries Van Noten Menswear Spring 12

The spring collection by Dries Van Noten is without a doubt one of my favorites from this seasons menswear collections - as it usually is. As always, the outerwear was a major highlight - from the incredibly well thought out functional jackets in drill, what looks like waxed cotton and waterproof fabrics (many of them in the perfect shade of navy) to tailored jackets in wool and a surprisingly charming striped silks. Those silks, which showed in several striped variations, were a refreshingly fun element to the more traditional fabrics associated with menswear. I also really liked the layering of shorts over trousers (there was far less leg than there was at Jil Sander). I'm also jealous about the awesome sandals - so solid and purposeful - if only I could ever fit them. In fact I would happily wear basically everything here - especially the outerwear.

There are a ton more shots after the jump, I just couldn't help myself.

Needs: Benah "Nico" bag

It's hard to find good bags in this town. Deadly Ponies and Benah are the only ones that have bags I really like. This Benah "Nico" bag from their spring range is pretty great - I love a good bucket shape and the tan leather will go with everything. I'm putting this on my spring wishlist. "Nico" retails for $535 at Simon James at The Department Store.
Image Source: Georgina at Simon James Design

Fashion Quarterly Occasions 2011

The latest copy of Fashion Quarterly's annual Occasions issue is now on shelves around New Zealand. I was lucky enough to work on quite a few features assisting Dan Ahwa. It was a cool challenge getting to explore things like racewear, black tie and even bridal wear.

 Stylist Dan Ahwa, Stylist Assistant Emma Gleason Photographer Mike Rooke, Model Kitty at Red 11, hair & Makeup Leisa Welch.

Stylist Dan Ahwa, Stylist Assistant Emma Gleason, Photographer Carolyn Haslett, Photography Assistant Jessica Sim, Models Anmari & Casey Lee from Red 11 & Richard from Clyne, Hair & Makeup Stacey Lee Ghin.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

La Boulange is now at The Department Store

There's a new addition to the stable at The Department Store and another reason to venture over to this haven on the North Shore. La Boulange; The French Grocer has set up shop in the front of the store and proves a very welcoming site when you enter. My eyes were instantly drawn to the macarons (always a weakness) and the rolls and croissant looked nearly irresistible too. I practiced restraint since I was on my own, so only had a coffee and a chocolate macaron - so delicious. La Boulange has taken over from The Tea Room, however the Supreme coffee (my favorite kind) thankfully remains. All these new Gallic treats are definitely worth a trip to TDS, so is a look at the shuffle around of the departments - Karen Walker has moved further back, and another new addition of Nature Baby has set up too.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Needs: Zambesi Patchwork Shorts

Even though we've only just had a the shortest day of the year and winter has barely just started, I'm already thinking about clothes for spring. Most probably because I spent the past week or two wrangling some amazing spring samples for various shoots I've been working on lately. One of the spring pieces I am coveting most is this pair of Zambesi shorts. A good pair of shorts is very hard to find - with most being either frumpy or skanky. This pair however gets it spot on - just loose enough and short enough, and with great pockets. I also love the patchwork suiting fabrics, it's a fun interpretation of sensible, traditional fabrics. This pair is a sample, but I will definitely be buying a pair of these when they hit stores in a few months. They come in a wide array of fabrics too - black, white and red.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prada Menswear Spring 12

The spring menswear offering from Ms Prada was all kinds of crazy, and I'm really happy about it. Fashion can be so serious and po-faced that sometimes it's really great to have humour and fun that still has design integrity. For me, the spring collection felt like a nod to eccentric retirees in Florida - acid bright florals, beige and blues in that precise old-man hue and some genius illustrated prints. My favorite pieces are the floral puffer jacket and the acid-bright print trousers that would put Lilly Pulitzer to shame - the prints also popped up on revised versions of that old Prada classic, the nylon bag. Oh and the shoes were once again super covetable - this time round it's not platform bastard-soled oxfords, but patent golf shoes with pastel details.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Jil Sander Spring 12

For the spring menswear at Jil Sander, Raf Simons explored a darker and more sober direction than his recent, strongly-hued collections. I got a Bladerunner/schoolboy vibe. The former came from the futuristic iPad sized body bags that appeared in nearly every look and are pretty fun and genius (and a totally functional necessity. Right?) The latter came from the combination of slim jackets and loose shorts and trousers - outgrown meets growing room. Shorts appeared in a majority of the looks and all featured a very high rise and a quite a full leg - a flattering cut with a nod to the traditional. The jackets and outerwear were some of my favorite pieces in the collection. The shrunken, double-ended zip front jackets and the boxy, high sheen nylon(?) jackets were super sharp. I also really love the freshness of that pinstripe short suit.

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Suburban Outfitters

I've been obsessed with this editorial by Mario Sorrenti from 1998 since discovering it in the depths of the internet a month or so ago. An androgynous, icy blonde in a suburban setting which is alternatingly idyllic and dystopian - all with a lingering sense of ennui.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celine Resort 12

Although renowned and adored for her strong, minimal take on womenswear, Philo took Celine in a direction that was a little more fun and just a little bit crazy for Resort. The clinical white was still there, as were the sharp cuts and the wonderfully cut trousers - but they were also joined but Philo's exploration of relatively loud floral prints (which have great impact layered all together in one look) bright pink and some super-slick leather trousers. All the patchwork leather is pretty fun too - it's colour-blocking and then some.

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