Friday, January 21, 2011

Lindsey Wixon by Venetia Scott for AnOther

Venetia Scott is undoubtably one of my favourite photographers and stylists - it's rare that I don't adore any of her work. This editorial for AnOther's winter issue manage to perfectly capture that summer nostalgia that is dated yet also so timeless. This shoot reminds me a lot of all my parents old photos from the summers of their youth, yet it isn't at all cliched or contrived. Lindsey Wixon is also at her best here - I love when she's styled simply and with a clean face and fresh hair. I think my favourite shot of all is the sunbathing shot immediately below. The mundanities of suburbia, the combination of relaxation and ennui, the way the shot is framed so the stunning subject is overwhelmed by her surroundings. Perfect.

AnOther Magazine Fall/Winter 2010 Lindsey Wixson by Venetia Scott (photography) and Marie Amelie Sauve (styling)

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