Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Olsen Update

How achingly cool, laid back and accomplished do the Olsens look striding through the airport? The classic monochrome, the simple masculine look, the big square shades and the blonde hair. Too, too good. So strong.
And I think their sandals are the first pairs I've seen in a long long time that I really like. Not pathetic and girly, not tragic and boho and not orthopedic either. Modern, classic, simple.
And Ashley know's how to kill it in leather and lace (the summer version).
While our girl Mary Kate seems to be as much of a fan of polka dots as I am. So whimsical, sweet and graphic.
Source: The Fashion Spot

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blonde Ambition

Although I've loved having red hair over winter (vibrant, interesting etc) now that spring is here I am thinking I'll go back to some shade of blonde for the warmer seasons. I miss it's neutrality and simplicity. I miss it's ability to range the spectrum from Hitchcockian Ice Queen to English Rose and sunbleached Californian. I'm going back to see Jason at Stephen Marr next week, and as usual will give him relative free reign. Perfectly timed is this stunning shoot for the latest Pop issue. Entitled "Blonde Ambition" and featuring all the blondes you could think of - evoking all of the hues many guises and shades

Never Let Me Go

It's a while that I've been this excited for a film. Never Let Me Go stars two of my favorite girls - Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley - and is by the author of Remains Of The Day. Below the idyllic surface of the rural English setting, is a dark dystopia with a touch of scifi (in the vein of Picnic At Hanging Rock) questioning what makes us human. The aesthetic of the film is very nostalgic and very British, not to different from the costumes of Carey's other amazing film An Education. Both perfectly capture English schooling, coming of age, future and identity. God I'm excited. It's a shame it's not out until next year it seems.
The Daily Mail said it was "the most haunting film about love and death I've ever seen."

Source: Youtube
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There's something so so charming and still so arresting about seeing a beautiful girl dressed, not just boyishly - but with strong, adult masculinity. Serious tweeds, strong layers and even stronger brows. Complemented perfectly by bare skin and blonde hair. Thankyou Love magazine.

Love #4 Fall/Winter 2010 Dree and Hannah by Boo George
Source: The Fashion Spot

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love #4

It has been a quite mad few days with working all weekend and then a twenty-first on saturday night, it's nice to finally be home and relaxing! It really was one of those weekends where you are ever so busy but never seem to get anything of great importance or urgency done. One of the calm patches of the past couple of days was taking time to pour over the new issue of Love magazine. The Lauren Hutton cover is my absolute favorite, and there's plenty of inspiring content inside. I just have to find the spare $45 to buy a copy. Until then, I shall stalk the TFS thread of this issue.

"Liv for Love" Liv Tyler by Willy Vanderperre

I love how retro, saucy and utterly charming this shoot is. 

"A Bit of Liverpool" Abbey Clancy by Alasdair McLelland & Katie Grand

"Ginta" Ginta Lapina by Doug Ingish and Rachel Zoe 
Source: The Fashion Spot

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Handful Of Needs For Spring

God I've had such a blah week style wise. I've complained about it nearly every day (sorry to all who have received the brunt of it). I think it's all because it's that awful time of year where it's not too cold anymore - instead we are bombarded with Auckland Rain. But it's still not warm enough for bare limbs. It's time to dress more transitionally. With layers that you can peel off if need be - no more rugging up in jumpers and jackets and being done with it. And after a winter of staring at my closet, I'm marginally sick of nearly everything. So I thought I'd share with you some of the things I feel like I need to shake up my wardrobe a little for spring. Just a gentle shake, nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering. Just something new. Something not wintery, yet that I can start wearing right now.

White Dresses For Springs
I've been obsessed with long white dresses forever, ever since watching films like Picnic At Hanging Rock, Virgin Suicides and others (regular readers know the drill). Fresh, feminine and so perfect for warmer weather, be they floaty cotton or slim and fitted.

Celine Fall 10
Bianca & Anjelica

Summer-Weight Knitwear
I've been loving my solid, classic woolen jumpers this winter - however it's starting to get a bit to warm for them now. I always end up taking them off within fifteen minutes of arriving at uni. I'm thinking a cotton version for spring would be ideal - especially in a soft neutral. A long loose shape would be perfect for layering over a short dress and bare legs.

Some Killer Hats
I love that in the spring and summer a hat feels justifiable and necessary. Especially if they have a broad, worn in brim or are of the charmingly quaint straw variety. Now I have to work out where I can track down some hats with some integrity.

Bob Dylan, Keith Richards & Brian Jones

Patti Smith, Alexa Chung, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Anjelica Huston
Sources: Style.com, Child Of The Moon, The Fashion Spot, Topshop,

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been a bit bored with all my nailpolish hues lately - having worn neutrals all winter, but not feeling ready for anything bright yet. I still love me ugly-cool colours, but I need to hunt down some fresh new options. In the meantime, I will be lusting over this khaki range by Chanel. They sure would solve every problem. Am I the only one that gets totally bored with their polishes?

Little Black

Sorry that posting has been a bit thin on the ground this week. Consecutive ten and eleven hour days at uni has left me a little drained. In the meantime, I can't stop looking at this shot - so I had to share it with you all. I've already included several other shots from this editorial in other posts, but this deserves to be all on its own. Love the contrast between the slick little black dresses, the bouncy blonde hair and the shapes and textures of the paper covered black car. Stunning and fresh.

Vogue Germany September 2010 "Trendspotting" 
Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, August 23, 2010

August Inspiration

I thought I'd share a little bit of what's been inspiring me this month. These are the images I keep google searching, and then keep going back to look at again and a gain. Some more literal than others, but all of which are informing the things I'm doing at the moment. Think menswear, ribbed knits, dark chapters of American History, ladylike fashion and refreshing new makeup. A mixed bag, but enjoy.

I'm desperate for some Monk Strap Shoes, and would have to sell a few first-borns to afford a pare of bespoke Edward Greens. And I don't know where in this country I could get a womens pair anyway.

Vogue Germany September 2010 "Ithaka" Maryna Linchuk by Phil Poynter

Dustbowl USA... Those storms. The science behind what caused them (arid conditions, overfarming, loss of topsoil, static electricity charged winds) is fascinating.

Vogue Germany September 2010 "Trendspotting" 

Robert Redford. Classically American with that blond hair and manly coats. His life story is also very interesting if you ever catch a documentary on the man.

Christopher Walken. Long time favorite of mine. Enough said. Here he is, at one of his finest moments, in The Deer Hunter.

Ribbed anything. I'm obsessed. 

From Net-A-Porter. Clockwise: Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, ?, Gucci, Michael Kors, Michael Kors

MAC's fall trends have reinvigorated my interest in makeup. Not only are they stunning, simple and fresh - they are very easy to do. A colour washed eye is simple as anything, and once you've done a deep plummy lip a few times your good to go. Since I'm very lazy when it comes to makeup, and prefer the under-done look - these makeup trends are perfect. Thanks so much to Amber and Tatum from MAC for the Fall Trend bootcamp the led. So inspiring.

Sources: MAC, Fashion Gone Rogue, Net-A-Porter, Google Image search.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trench Time

I don't know if it's just me, but I find there are some pieces of clothing and accessories that you have to be a certain age to wear without looking silly or like your trying too hard. One of the big ones for me is the classic trench coat. I've always loved them - but up until now, whenever I tried one on it looked borderline costume (a kid playing dress up if you will) and screamed "Hello I'm Wearing A TRENCHCOAT." Not cool, not at all. However I'm starting to feel now like I'm finally getting to an age (ripe old 22 that I am) where I can start getting away with them. Especially now the weather here is warming up in anticipation of spring and I'm no longer wrapping myself in woolen coats. I love the look of a trench paired with bare legs and dark loafers like in this shot below. So fresh and so cool and laid back - I detest a trench with heels.
Vogue Germany September 2010 "Trendspotting"

Vogue Paris September 10 "Rive Gauche et Libre" by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott & Carine Roitfeld 

This Sherie Muijs linen trench seems like an amazing option - lighter in fabrication than your typical trench. And you know how I adore linen.
Sherie Muijs Spring 10/11

Audrey... Enough said.
Image Sources: Fashion Gone Roge, The Fashion Spot, Sherie Muijs, Google Image Search

Saturday, August 21, 2010

That Hair!

Wow. Just wow. God I wish my hair was long again - although it will never be as amazing as either of these. On another note, I'm contemplating going from red back to blonde. I'm thinking a dark blonde a la Abbey Lee and Eniko? I think it's time to go see Jason at Stephen Marr again..

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aquascutum Fall 10 Campaign

I have a total soft spot for Aquascutum and the brands inherent Britishness and rich history, it's like the old classmate to Burberry. I've been obsessed with the collection - full of lengthy skirts, crisp shirts and a slick camel, black and white palette - since it hit the runway. The campaign too really ups the ante - invoking the collection with dark, stormy drama and stunning group shots. This has made my day (I've been sick and cranky all week).

The rest of the campaign is after the jump..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Abbey & Matt

How achingly cool are Abbey Lee and her boyfriend? Like a modern day Mick & Marianne. Or Keith & Anita. And somehow they manage to look so far from contrived - a rare thing to see these days. Genuine, artistic, bohemian. Beautiful.

Vogue Germany August 2010 "Fashion Session" Abbey Lee Kershaw by Alexi Lubomirski

Prada Fall 10 Campaign

The Prada collection has been steadily growing on me since it hit the runways earlier this year. Initially, although I loved the concept, I was a bit skeptical about this alleged "groundbreaking casting" of "curvy" models... You know, because Miranda Kerr is totally voluptuous. But putting that aside, the collection has become one of my favorites from this season. The arty prints, womanly silhouettes and ladylike full skirts. Not to mention their juxtaposition with chunky knitwear. The campaign also ads a whole new level to the collection - giving it what so many campaigns lack these days, a filmic narrative. Although I'm not a huge fan of the cone-head hairdos and the fondling (the latter is the bitter spinster in me coming through) the rest I adore. The colours and textures of the clothing hold their own against models like Miranda and Angela. Not only that, the collection is given a sense of life, passion and history. It makes me wish we all still dressed like this when we went out. It's also nice to see womens and mens (the black and white) campaigns go hand in hand - giving a sense of two sides to the story.

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