Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dries Van Noten Menswear Spring 11

I thought I was thoroughly sick of seeing acid and bleach splattered denim, but trust Dries to change my mind. Not only that, he's also a master at colour and print matching - constantly inspiring. The spring Menswear collection was no exception. My favorites are the classic denim blues and camel outerwear are paired with graphic plaids and a soft bricky hue - all evocative of mods and skinheads and that iconically British sartorial rebellion.

Source: Style.com

Monday, June 28, 2010

Chloe Resort 11

I'd been so looking forward to seeing Hannah MacGibbon's resort collection for Chloe, so it was with a little bit of disappointment that I looked through the collection when it was finally up on Style.com. It's not that it wasn't good, it is. It's actually quite a good example of what Resort should be. But for me it was just missing something. Both the masculinity and femininity of the previous stunning collections (I've adored every collection of MacGibbon's to date) seemed missing. Maybe it's the simplicity of the lookbook - minimal pieces and limited accessories. Or possibly the slightly off proportions. I did however love the boxy sleeveless shirts - they would be heaven once hot wear hits - and the loose straight paints. I'm sure the Spring collection will a more evolved, detailed beast - and I'm interested to see if and where the concepts or the resort line will lead.
Source: Style.com

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Break

One of the best parts of uni break is the opportunity to catch up on reading. My pile of magazines and books has been getting somewhat out of control. I've finally finished the latest issues of Black and No - both worth picking up. Black has a long interview with the Zambesi team - intimate and interesting. And as always No is packed full of interesting people, this issue "Wunderkinds" focuses on multi-talented creative folk and is quite inspiring. After one to many trips to Unity Books in one week, as an end of semester treat I picked myself up a big new book - Bill Bryson's latest "At Home". I've always loved his books - especially the ones on language and history. Always full of fascinating facts and stories - and it all seems so relatable to real life. There's something so soothing and pleasurable about curling up with a big hardcover book during the winter. It's one of those simple joys.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Afternoon Stroll

I've been needing some inspiration lately. I know what I'm after - simple, wearable and relaxed, yet still aspirational and beautiful. Nothing to flashy or trendy or overtly sexy or grungily contrived. Today the perfect piece of inspiring editorial work turned up in the form of this shoot for Muse magazine's summer issue. Eniko and Yuri  feature as a refreshingly un-modelly couple - I usually detest couple/romance editorials, but this I really love. It's just so natural and relaxed, with a pituresquely shabby rural setting and perfectly simple, wearable clothes. It just feels real.

Muse Summer 2010 "Afternoon Stroll" Eniko Mihalik and Yuri Pleskun by Max Farago

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Loafers

So I know I've already written about loafers a couple of times already this week, but Topshop just have far to perfect timing. In store at Topshop at The Department Store right now are this smart, simple pair of tan loafers. Less clunky and orthapedic than other examples, and a little more feminine they would be a perfect shoe for both every day running around in (flat, neutral, goes with everything) as well as being a nice alternative to brogues and ballet flats for a dressy night time shoe. I'm hoping they will still be there on monday, as I'm working all weekend. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, you should go check them out - and all the other new stock.
Source: Murray @ Showroom 22

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Classic Kate

I've been doing some research on the whole Heroin Chic trend for uni, so have been looking at a lot of the Kate Moss for Calvin Klein and Corinne Day - and I came across this shot of a young Kate. I have no idea when it was taken or what for, but it's quite stunning. I love that it's a sun-soaked beach shot but she's wearing black, is quite pale and has messy hair. So far from glamour yet still so striking and beautiful.
Source: The Fashion Spot

Juliette Hogan Summer 10/11 "Textbook Beautiful"

I've been meaning to write about Juliette Hogan's summer collection "Textbook Beautiful" for weeks - but between end of semester and the fact I saved these images to our home computer not my laptop has seen this post not happen until now. It's well worth the wait though, as the collection features that soft, modern femininity that has become Hogan's trademark. Washed out pastels go hand in hand with inks and blacks - creating a classic simplicity and very easy dressing. And how stunning is the hydrangea background??
I love the little grey skirt suit - a more delicate, girly take on what can be quite a serious, intense look.

As usual, the pleated pieces are stunning - I still love wearing my cream skirt from last summer. And am thinking I might try and get my hands on a black one and have it hemmed to calf length.

Source: Georgie @ Showroom 22

A Single Woman

The loafers and sensible shoes that I love so dearly - and blogged about recently - go hand in hand with preppy dressing and nostalgic looks with a late fifties, early sixties feel. Dark plaids and tweeds, cosy knits, pleated schoolgirl skirts and classic camel. Autumnal, wintery hues evoke colleges in Maine and New Hampshire. And crisp buttoned-up shirts with sensible outerwear are the ultimate in collegiate dressing. All paired with horn rimmed glasses and loafers with socks. Think Take Ivy for girls.

Elle UK July 2010 "A Single Woman" Taryn Davidson by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Deadly Ponies Heart Superette

Deadly Ponies create some of the most lusted after handbags in this little island we live on, and now they've teamed up with Superette boutique on a special collaboration - in stores on Saturday. Useful and still sexy - it's a great way to support local designers and stores. Not many though, so get in quick!
Photographer: Steven Tilley
Source: Louisa @ Superette

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sensible Soles

As much as I love salivating over killer heels and wedges like Miu Miu's print platforms and Chanel Clogs, at the end of they day what really gets me are slick, smart, sensible shoes. Think loafers and oxford brogues. Shoes that I could run around in all day at uni and around town - and would survive for years. A masculine, classic aesthetic is the perfect sturdy grounding to any outfit - and an especially good foil for more feminine looks. These dark pairs are perfect with opaque tights for winter and bare legs for summer.
Source: Net-A-Porter

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prada Menswear Spring 11

The spring collection from Prada returns to the bones of menswear - the working wardrobe in all it's guises. Running the gamut from business suits, to chinos, denim and even medical scrubs. All executed in classically hard-wearing fabrics like cotton and denim with a focus on the simplicity and purity of design, execution and silhouette. The whole colour palette evoked masculine uniforms; both the official - policemen, soldiers, workers, to the unofficial - many looks immediately made me think of the Gleason Family Uniform that my father, and to some extent us girls also, has stuck to over the years (faun trousers, blue shirts, navy and black jackets and knits in similar hues). There's something comfortable and traditional in all of this. Although the denim scrubs and the wide, culotte-like shorts are fresh and endearingly jarring. And I love the sharp little suits with their high jacket breaks.

Oh and the shoes are adorable - like the lovechild of every classic shoe; oxford brogue, espadrille, sneaker. Twisted, bizarre and awesome.

Source: Style.com


I meant to post these photos a week ago, but I was all uni-ed out to be honest - although my presentation critique went really well (phew, that was a relief). The dress was for our most recent uni brief - focusing on "the cut" and inspired by a local artist from between 1965 and 1985. I was inspired by this portrait of Tim Shadbolt by New Zealand photographer Marti Friedlander. I was going for a strong take on femininity and a refined, somewhat austere feel. The fabric is a beautiful navy and black striped cotton-linen, with a black linen underskirt and the buttons are made of horn. Very satisfied, now have a few weeks to get ready for our intense next semester!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calvin Klein Menswear Spring 11

There's not many designers out there who are recognizable by just a quarter of their icon logo. Calvin Klein is, of course, on of them. The minimal, spare, sans-serif type is iconic of that certain nineties cool. As are cropped sweats - sexy, sweaty, cool. And it doesn't hurt that there are some gratuitously visible ripped male abs.
Source: Style.com

Reed Krakoff Resort 11

Reed Krakoff has been on my list of simple, strong and refreshing designers (along with The Row, Celine and co) since his first solo collection for fall (he was previously at Coach). Think strong, unassuming, womenswear with a slightly twisted, youthful bent. More of the same has followed in the Resort collection; shrunken cropped shirts - reaffirming my seemingly desperate need for a white shirt right now, slim suiting in summer-weight fabrics, sleeveless camel coats (hello summer option!) and a surprisingly endearing shade of creamed-butter yellow.

Source: Style.com

Jil Sander Menswear Spring 11

Of all the designers to expect a riot of colour from, Raf Simons for Jil Sander is not usually one of them. So the retina-searing Spring menswear collection he showed a day or two ago was all the more of a surprise and pleasure. And of all the designers to turn their hand to a bright palette, only Raf could do it with such slick, refined results. You can't help but smile to see poker-faced male models in slickly tailored pieces that look like they are the love-children of a box of nerds, some glow-sticks and an intense trip. The clashing brights and fluros are Warholian in their jarring combinations and are a sharp turn from what we tend to expect to see at Sander. It all makes sense when Style.com says "he wants to "free Jil from itself," leave a different kind of vocabulary for whoever eventually follows him at Jil Sander." 
Theirs something optimistic and childlike about the whole collection - yet also somewhat ironic about grown men in candy-hued, finely tailored clothing. 
Ps. Those Oxfords have brightly coloured soles. Perfect finishing touch.

Source: Style.com

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hutton and Redford, sunkissed, tanned and denim clad. Not much more needs to be said. Although I can't help but quote the Wikipedia page about this film... "The only outstanding feature of this film is that Robert Redford was shirtless throughout almost the entire movie." They are, obviously, correct.
Robert Redford & Lauren Hutton in "Little Fauss And Big Halsy"

The Row Resort 11

In a similar vein to the simplicity of what we saw from Celine, although more monochrome and preppy, is the latest range from The Row. As usual it somehow manages to nail exactly what I want to wear right now  crisp white shirts, grey tweed, loose knits, long skirts and long dresses. Maybe I'm All-Fashioned-Out from the end of semester. I just feel like a clean palette and classic looks.

Source: Style.com

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stella McCartney Resort 11

You can always rely on Stella to produce something fresh, classic and ageless can't you. I was a big big fan of the return to simplicity that was her Fall collection, and for her Resort collection things take a slightly more feminine, quirky turn. Katherine has already had a big of a rave about it too. Think masculine tailoring and feminine dresses - classic Stella.
I love the clinical white pieces - paired back, sharp and pure.

Being a big fan of prints (when done well) I love these floral digital prints - evocative of dusty old botanical books and quaint floral watercolours. So English and old-fashioned.

Image Source: Style.com, Turned Out, Garance Dore.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celine Resort 11

After a long long day yesterday of watching everyones garment presentations at uni all I needed was something to cleanse and clean my visual palette. The answer arrived in the form of me realising that the Celine Resort 11 lookbook was now on Style.com. Yet again Phoebe Philo has given us elegant, modern, intelligent design that is also thoroughly wearable, timeless and strong. Overall there was a hint of seventies elegance and nineties simplicity, although on the whole it is distinctly now.

The clean shapes and the spare palette of the black and white looks are thoroughly refreshing without being clinical or boring.

I think it's possibly the browns that give me the seventies vibe, and they give the collection a warmth as well as tying in with some of the brighter pops of colour.
I'm big on blanket-esque outerwear at the moment - think ponchos, capes etc. And it is surprisingly hard to come across decent examples in New Zealand. This spare cream one with simple Tricolore stripes is perfection.

Not to mention the delicate blue prints in loose, simple shapes.
Source: Style.com