Monday, May 31, 2010

Salzburg Knits Here Early

I popped into Karen Walker on thursday last week and was pleasantly surprised when my eye was immediately drawn to shelves of knitwear from the (yet to be released) "Salzburg, USA" collection. Even though the rest of the collection is not out for a couple of months yet, the adorable jerseys are out now - perfect timing for the sudden onset of winter proper. Endearingly quirky prints in rust, peach and navy hues, they'll slot right in and add a sense of fun to your rotation of sensible winter knits. Now I just need to save some pennies.

Sources: Karen Walker,

Just Do It

The Inner Jock in my means I've always been a sucker for classic athletic tees like the Nike logo tees. There's something so simple and classic about them.
Source: Nike

Russh Issue #22
Source: The Fashion Spot

Speaking of which, a new slice of the Nike world has come to Auckland with the opening of their brand new pop-up store in The Department Store last friday. Think streetwear as opposed to gymwear - killer sneakers, brightly hued jackets and classic tees. The soccer World Cup collaboration is also there - the American tee is my favorite for sure.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Olsens

The Olsens always totally nail weekend wear - managing to look comfortable and weather appropriate yet still totally kooky and ahead of the curve.
Source: The Fashion Spot

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ultimate Miu Miu Spring 10 Shoe Post

This is pure, unappologetic shoe porn of Miu Miu's spring collection. Because I still can't get enough. I'm hoping this will be like closure. Enjoy!
And have a lovely weekend!

Source: Google Images

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alexa Chung, Shaking Things Up

Regular readers will know I've loved Alexa Chung for ages, however the past couple of months I really hadn't been checking her TFS thread as much as usual. Possibly because of overexposure and hype lately, partly because her seemingly ever-plummeting weight bothered me somewhat, and her style choice seemed to be stagnant and plateaued. However a recent peruse revealed that she's been really Bringing It in the style stakes lately, and is looking a little like her old self too. I'm dying for her long skirts - the first is Louis Vuitton (as is the whole outfit) and the second skirt is Chanel. It's reminded me that I need to get on to my search for some more frumpy length skirts.

RAFW Spring 10 - Streetstyle

I love it when you stumble across a lovely streetwear blog, in this case it was that of lawyer turned photographer Vanessa Jackman. These ladies were all shot at RAFW and each is stylish, simple and little quirky - and wearing a lot of what I'm lovinga the moment. Think stripes, army green, grey marle and long skirts. Topped off perfectly with wine hued lips of course.

SelfTitled Summer 10/11 "She Bangs The Drum"

Simplicity for summer from SelfTitled. Think blacks and olive greens in crisp shapes, abstract prints and a beautiful long lemon hued skirt.

Source: Emma @ Public Library

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beau Coops Summer 10/11 "It's Not You It's Me"

I don't think there has been a shoe recently that has caused as much fervor, obsession and snatching around Auckland as the wedge booties from Beau Coops winter range. Since I'm a total wedge girl (phyiscally can't wear heels - hello world of pain) my Beau Coops boots are perfect. Wedge + platform = comfort, and the boot style means warmth and that no one can see my un-pretty feet. Therfore I'm obviously very pleased to see new interpretations of their super comfortable take on this style in the summer Beau Coops collection.

I love the leather that has replaced last seasons suede - I've been scared to wear my current pair in the rain - and eggshell and tan colours are lovely and delicate for summer, whilst the black is supremely wearable and transeasonal. Zip details feature again and this time they are joined by lace-ups (charmingly sweet)...
Frankly 04

E311, Frankly 05, Frankly 05.

Clockwise: Frankly 01, E310, E310, Frakly 01,

... and the bold, Americana-evoking red and white stripes.

Frankly 01, Frankly 04, Frankly 05

The flats are also worth a look. With metallic laceup brogues and sweet flat boots.

Clockwise: Edie, Edie, Annie, Rider.
Source: Emma @ Public Library

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ruby Spring 10/11 "Bedrock"

Sorry for the delay in posting this, it's been sitting in my drafts for like a week and I keep forgetting. Bad bad blogger! I couldn't not eventually post the summer collection from Ruby though, it's just too cute - and features Aussie model Shanay Hall who's been a favorite of mine for years. It was a shame I missed their presentation evening a few weeks ago, so I popped into the showroom on thursday to have a quick look through the Ruby and Madame Hawke collections. I like actually having a hands-on look through ranges as you can tell immediately what you'd actually wear and what would suit you - it's so easy to fall in love with a gorgeous lookbook, like the summer one for Ruby. Inspired by the sixties and, obviously with a name like "Bedrock", the Flintstones - this means there are lots of retro twists, animal prints and girlishness for summer.

Favorite pieces both in the lookbook and in real life are the giraffe and leopard print skirts and shorts - they are made from a relatively durable canvas so they would survive being thrashed all summer long AND would hide a multitued of winter sins. They are also ridiculously cute.
I also love the other leopard print; a slightly more mature, fresh take on the iconic print that has been everywhere lately.
I liked the simple black and white looks too - a more grown up look for Ruby and perfect for summer days, and nights (hello cutouts).
And regular readers will know how much I love polka dots. Luckily they have been a mainstay print for Ruby for a couple of seasons now. That dress in the middle is a particular favorite - possible one of the best pieces in the collection I think. Simple, sweet and quite delicate in real life.

Model: Shanay Hall
Source: Eleisha @ Ruby

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sneak Peek MAC Venomous Villains

MAC are pretty much geniuses at the collaboration collections, and one upcoming collection in particular has me very excited. Working with Disney and arriving in September is "Venomous Villains". The collection will feature four Disney villains, all of which are top secret at the moment. Although you can have a peek at this teaser clip and try and have a guess - and if you think you know all four then pop on over to Beauty Goss and enter the comp to win on of the VV lipglosses.
Whether they are in the range or not (a couple I think are) these three ladies have been my favorite villains since I was young. They always had so much more personality, drive and vitality than the simpering heroines. And all ladies clearly love purple and black - and definitely red lippie.

Source: Google Images

Monday Muse: Kirsten Dunst

It's a shame Kirsten Dunst doesn't get papped much anymore, as she's still as gorgeous and stylish as ever. I've had a big crush on Kirsten ever since Little Women, but favorites of her are undoubtably The Virgin Suicides, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Marie Antoinette. I adore her look here. The makeup is perfection (hello tangerine lips) and the dress absolutely reminds me of the prom dresses that the Lisbon sisters wore in Virgin Suicides.
And could she be any more perfect for Miu Miu? It's funny how all my favorite girls - Alexa, Chloe, Kirsten etc - have all been seen in the spring collection from Miu Miu.

Source: The Fashion Spot

Take Ivy

Every now and then, on the mysterious depths of the internet, you discover something so unexpected and so surprisingly awesome that you want to both tell everyone you know and keep it all to yourself. Of course I can't do the latter, I don't have the willpower. Case in point here is an obscure photo book I came across on the internet on the weekend. Take Ivy was published in Japan in the late 60s by photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida and the uncredited associates Kensuke Ishizu (mastermind behind the book and founder of a Ivy-style clothing company), Toshiyuku Kurosu and Moto Hasegawa.

The book is a result of Hayashida's journey through the north-eastern American Ivy League schools documenting the collegiate style of the time - something that, as you will see, has barely dated - and was so popular in Japan.

Seen through outsiders eyes, the series of photos really captures the preppy style perfectly - and with a refinement and lack of cliche that is quite refreshing. I've always loved preppy menswear from mid-century America - probably because I was raised on stories from my American raised father and my ensuing obsession with the country's history, films, books etc.  Looking through these photos, even though they are all menswear, there is pretty much every basic I'm obsessed with - oxford shirts, classic knitwear, chinos, denim, converse, collegiate-logo sweatshirts and loafers Too, too good. Love the grainy quality and old fashioned colour of the shots too - something that's missing from the overly perfect printing of today I think.