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Question Time: Zumi "A Fashion Loaf" Reely

In case you didn't know, there's a fiercely hot and skinny-jean-tearingly hilarious (and wittily satirical) new blog on the Auckland scene. The one and only Zumi Reely of A Fashion Loaf. Fashionista and Top Cat Model Zumi shares her style, her famous friends and her killer editorial work. The leggy, witty babe kindly answered some questions for me on her favorite designers magazines and trends - and how rewarding her blog is.

...Sending this to you from my hotel room at the Ritz; gotta go to the launch party of RiCato Tisci for H&M now!! Meow xx
       Why did you decide to start a blog? You’re in such a perfect position since your sooo hot in the industry.
OMG! I love blogging! I started this blog because I want the whole world to know that cats have a voice too. And so being a fashionable cat, I decided to merge my love of fashion and art into one cat blog extravaganza. We are nothing without thespiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves to be. When you're lonely, I'll be lonely too, and this is Fashionloaf.  Love, Fashion and art! Meow x
2.       Who are your favorite NZ designers?
I love Katren Walker, TwentySevenCats, Kat Sylvester, Stolen Kittens Club, SalasaiCat, Lonely Feline Hearts, RubyCat, Zambesi Cat … Amazing. Amazing! They just need to send me more free clothes. I’m a slender cat size 0, F.Y.I. xx
3.       How about overseas designers?
Too many, that’s like asking a fat  person what their favourite takeaway meal is… I loive them all! And all for different reasons pookie. But If I had to name a few I’d probably say RiCato Tisci for GivenchyCat; MarCat Jacobs is a genius and Phoebe Meowlo for CelineCat. Tres chic!
4.       What trends do you think are so hot right now?
Animal prints, especially cat prints a la Miu Miu Fall 2010…amazing!!!
5.       What trend would you never do?
I would never wear real fur. Faux fur all the way babes!!
6.       Who are your style icons and muses?
My styles changes from day to day depending on my mood, but I love girls that are sassy and have a sexual wardrobe to boot like Hilary Banks from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air; Mary Cherry from Popular; Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits; Regina George and ‘The Plastics’ from Mean Girls; Fran Fine; Minnie, the old landlady in Rosemary’s Baby; Amber Mariens fromClueless; Blossom; Kimmy Gibbler from Full House; Denise from The Cosby Show; Christina Aguilera circa 2002 (Stripped);Britney circa 2000 (Oops! I did It Again); Cheryl Coleand last but not least my gurrrl Lady Gaga. I love her emotional connection to fashion.
7.       Any local figures who are style inspirations?
       What has been your high point in the industry so far?
Oh look babsey there’s too many. I’ve worked with the very best. Being shot by Meowio Testino for US Cat Vogue was an amazing high; walking 70 shows for Paris and Milan Cat Fashion weeks; starting my blog has been an amazing and humbling journey. The best is yet to come. I have a coffee book table coming out soon called Intimately Zumi- A Definitive Guide To Cat Modeling; a reality TV show called Zumi’s Gay BFF and a new line of cat fashions that I am working with some of my cat model friends.
       What’s your opinion of the way NZ women (and/or men) dress? question!!
        Favorite bars/cafes?
When I’m having creative meetings with my creative friends I like to go to Dizengoff on Ponsonby road where I order a soy trim double shot latte and I take a couple of bites from their amazing gluten free muffins. I also love going to Clooney’s with my girlfriends for some vodka laced milk cocktails and playing with the fringe curtains; and Coco’s Cantina makes the most amazing fish of the day. OMG and I can't forget SPQR!! Delish! Love you Nay Nay!!
        American Vogue vs. Vogue Paris?
Ohhh you’re naughty! Hmmm I love Carine so I would have to say Paris. They have booked me for their offshoot magazine Paris Cat Vogue numerous times and they took me on when no one else wanted me. I will always feel indebted to the Paris Vogueteam. J’aime les chats qui vivent a la mode en France! Meow. x
1     Karl or Marc?
Ohh! Rag Ponies you did not just take it there! Hmm Karl definitely for his sense of humour. Fashion needs a sense of humor which is partly why I do what I do, and Karl is such an inspiration to me. I love Marc, but he married that douche bag Lorenzo, so he’s not going to get a Christmas card from me this year.
1    What blogs do you like to read?
I read Rag Ponies of course! And all the other one’s; Blion Boy's and Susie Cubble's and Cat and Jil's are really good because it keeps me on top of the Zumi brand with all that fashion business news. And Tommy always takes my picture when I'm making my way into the shows!!
1    What do you think sets Fashion Loaf apart from the other blogs out there?
I would think it is different because even though I have an aching passion for fashion, I  know how to have fun and not take myself so seriously.
1    Goals for the future?
I don’t really live for the future, I live for now and everything I do I do it with poise, style and grace, even when I’m climbing up trees being chased by elephants for a Pirelli Calender; or wearing two pairs of 8 inch Louboutins on a cobble stone street in Milan in the middle of Winter for a FendiCat shoot with Karl… Zumi lives for the moment. The future really means building up the Zumi empire and releasing a whole bunch of Zumi merchandise. You only live once. Although cats do have 9 lives. I’m just beginning… xx
Image Source: A Fashion Loaf

Are YOU going to Topshop tomorrow??

I don't know about you, but I am pretty much getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) to go to the TopShop Preview Weekend and The Department Store tomorrow morning. I've booked a manicure at Lucy And The Powder Room so I can shop before doors open at 9pm. Hopefully I'll see you there!!! In the meantime, have a peek at these shots Anna Fitzpatrick took at the setting up today!

Shoes.. Shoes....

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm still obsessed with classics. Can one be obsessed with classics? Or they so timeless that it's just a long term affliction? Here Numero infuses classic pieces like camel, tweed and pinstripes with a fresh modernity and lively elegance.

Numéro #113 May 2010 "Malgosia" Malgosia Bela by Greg Kadel

Daria In Dossier

Daria has always been one of my favorite models, since way back. I think it's that laidback, cool tomboyish-yet-womanly quality and that she (unlike some of the others) still retains a sense of integrity. It also helps that she has killer off-duty style. And of course she is one of the few who can make a dead animal hat look natural and beautiful.
Dossier Journal Spring 2010 Daria Werbowy by Cass Turner

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm tired, emotional and hypersensitive. Don't even look at me.

So I've been a total psycho this week, as I always am towards the end of design briefs at uni - think tired, stressed and ridiculously hyper-sensitive. And a bit guilt at the lack of as much blogging as I'd like. We had our presentations (which I find terrifying) today though, so this blog will now be returning to regular programming.
In the meantime, I wish I could hide behind this...

New York Times Style Summer 2010 Sara Blomqvist by Richard Burbridge

Monday, April 26, 2010

Camel & Jealousy

I'm still totally obsessed with camel, and it isn't going anywhere. 
Ada Kokosar from Le Fashion

In other Camel related news, I am in a WORLD OF JEALOUSY over the fact that my dad is getting a bespoke Zambesi camel coat. Months ago he asked me to find him the perfect camel coat. When I saw (and fell in love with) the single breasted camel coat in Zambesi's menswear floor I had to let him know. Turns out it's pretty much perfect. As he likes things two sizes to big, he's getting it custom made from the lovely Dayne Johnston.
Below is the double breasted version from Isaac Likes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Utility, Function, Comfort

Our lecture at uni on friday was about the reasons behind our wearing of clothes (modesty, immodesty, adornment, differentiation etc) and one in particular, utility, got me thinking - and arguing. A discussion in our tutorial, with my tutor questioning why our designs needed to be functional made me realise just how important it is to me that the garments I both wear, buy and design are comfortable, and functional. It also made me realise that I in fact have "rules" when purchasing new clothes with regards to the aforementioned attributes.

- I love trousers but always buy them a size up. There's nothing worse than that look trousers get when they pull across the thigh. I'd rather they fit my legs and then just belt them tighter at the waist/hips.

- Jeans however, if skinny, are good as tight as possible. Although I never ever buy low rise or hipster if I can help it; nothing drives me more mental than spending a whole day constantly pulling my pants up.

- Still on the subject of pants, I absolutely can't stand fake-pockets or pants without belt loops. The lack of both makes them practically unwearable.

- I love the idea of new knitwear, however for the past couple of years I have instead stuck with my hole-ridden, falling to pieces old cashmere pieces (most of which I am the third or fourth owner, hence them falling apart as soon as they are in my hands). Knitwear is another thing I either buy from the mens stores, or buy womens knits at least two sizes too big. What is the point of tight knitwear? It's meant to go OVER things. Have you ever seen a woman in a tight jersey of a button up shirt - where the placket and buttons are visible through. You see my point.

- I hardly ever EVER wear black, unless it's opaque tights or a black cardy. It makes me feel bland and wan and like I'm blending into the background.

- I LIVE in buttoned up shirts. Never ever tight. Almost always mens. Usually checked or spotty. Although I am on the hunt for the perfect pale blue one.

- I only ever by neutral underwear. Black, white, nude or sometimes pastels.

- Breton tops are my basic tee of choice lately.  If I'm not wearing a button up shirt then I'll be in my Karen Walker or TwentySevenNames breton tops.

- Tan belts go with everything.

- Menswear is brilliant and I buy a lot of it for myself. It is the answer to so many problems and is a life saver if you have broad shoulders like I do.

- I won't buy anything designer unless I can still wear it to uni and running around doing errands. Which brings me to the next sub-list...

With Regards To Uni
- I avoid low cut tops in general and especially at uni. I remembered why this was when I wore a low neck, loose white tee a couple of weeks ago and realised that whenever I was bent over the table paterning (which was all day that day) my underwear and whole torso was visible. Not ideal at all.

- Likewise heels. I still can't understand the girls that wear heels to uni - and sew in them! I live in brogues, boat shoes.

- I always try and wear something I love and make an effort. If I'm feeling daggy or frumpy, then I feel totally uninspired and insecure about my work.

Do you have any "rules" with regards to the way you dress? Are utility, function and comfort important to you? Or are you of the mindset that discomfort/pain/etc are a small price to pay?


Friday saw Georgia and I take a much needed break from our sewing machines at uni and head out into the fresh air, treating ourselves to Mercury Plaza sushi (best in Auckland, no joke) and I insisted we pay a visit to Scrap Wall's new menswear store One on K Road (up by Hailwood and Starkwhite) - something I've been meaning to do for ages. I was impressed with the simplicity of its range - black or white menswear basics like shirts, tees, tanks and highly covetable (I want!!!) cotton boxer shorts - and all the slick curios. I'm wondering if black mens boxer shorts are doable in public? With tights? So fresh, classic and boyish. Totally sensible winter purchase too, mens underwear. Go check it out! The store I mean - well, and the boxer shorts too of course.

Source: Natalie @ Smith & Sumner

Feel Free

Even though this editorial is for German Vogue, it conveys that free spirited, American cool. Evoking Easy Rider and the icon of Americana - the girl next door. And yes, I'm glad that the appearance of Spring Miu Miu editorials has still yet to wane.

Vogue Germany May 2010 "Feel Free" Magdalena Frackowiak by Horst Diekgerdes

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Utility Appeal

Only Daria could make Alexander Wang (I think??) athletic-inspired underwear and a Chloe army-esque cape look both natural and appealing.
Harper’s Bazaar Spain May 2010 Daria Werbowy by Nico 

Friday, April 23, 2010

23/4/10: Miu Miu on Net-A-Porter

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week. We are coming up to a uni deadline so I've been spending eleven hours at uni each day - with ten of those at a sewing machine. But you know what cheers me up? And always does? Spring Miu Miu, of course. So I thought I'd take some time out to plan some dream-outfits involving some of the to-die-for Miu Miu pieces that just arrived on Net-A-Porter.

Source: Net-A-Porter

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ksubi Opticals

Yesterday I popped in to Showroom 22 to have a look at the new Ksubi Opticals range for us visually challenge people. I had a good old try on while chatting to Georgie. Each pair is a classic with a contemporary twist - from thick frames and bright colours to a pair that resemble what your uncle (and Terry Richardson) wear.
I loved the brown, tortoiseshell-ish pair on the top left. Black frames are way to harsh for my fair complexion but these were great, and the slightly angled corners at the top take them away from that square-framed hipster look.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Americans In Paris

One of my favorite looks at the moment is that tailored, seventies American sportswear. Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton and Anjelica Huston. Daria nails the look in the May issue of American Vogue - tailored trousers, crisp white shirts, long skirts, chic coats and that divine camel hue I am so obsessed with.

Vogue US May 2010 "Americans In Paris" Daria Werbowy by Mario Testino

"Frocktails" At Mollies

Every now and then, my obsession with fashion makes me feel a tad guilty and selfish. Should my world really revolve around clothing? And do I really deserve to splurge on designer pieces when some people have so little? Here's where boutique hotel Mollies steps in. They are hosting "Frocktails" again this year on May 2nd to raise much needed funds for the Auckland City Mission. Suites will be transformed into six different worlds with guests on the night able to wander and explore and  also enjoy an in-season fashion show whilst Samantha Hayes and Antonia Prebble MC.
Tickets are available from the Mollies website and are $100 with a portion donated to the Mission.
Such a good idea, and a way to give back and also enjoy doing it. Would be the perfect thing to go to with your mum or girlfriends.
Image Source: Mollies

Image Source: Georgie @ Showroom 22
Info Source: Georgie @ Showroom 22

Tumblr Photo Diary

So I decided it was about time I picked up the slack and caved into this Tumblr business every other blogger seems to have down pat. I've started mine as a photo diary featuring photos from my day-to-day life, inspirations and other things that are too random/obscure to post to Rag Pony. Enjoy.
Go to my Tumblr.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink & Mustard

Ashley Olsen gets a lot of flack for dressing old and boring. But I actually love her style at the moment, its classy and mature yet still edgy as she plays with proportion and volume. Here she injects classics with unexpected colours and exaggerated volume. She looks classic and chic yet exudes comfort and ease. Spot on.
Source: Zimbio

Variations On A Theme

Felt like something fresh and preppy today - and mixing it up with prints keeps things fun. There's something about a small range of tones in one outfit that looks simple and refreshing.  Easy dressing.
Tissot mens watch, Lonely Hearts trousers, Country Road shirt, vintage cashmere jersey.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Classics: The Grey Coat

I've already enthused about my obsession with camel - particularly coats - on the blog lately. And to my family. Luckily Dad is on a like-minded hunt for the perfect camel coat too. So we can rant and complain to each other. A close runner up on my wish-list however is a slick, slim grey coat. And totally with a popped collar.

There's something softer and more day-to-day about the grey hue, compared with the harshness of blacks. More laidback, less drama and intensity yet still mature and classic. And it really shows of the cut, detail and fabric quality of a coat a lot better
Source: Jak & Jil
Stella McCartney Fall 10

Dries Van Noten Fall 10

Pomme d’Amour

I love bookish girls being bad. Smoking behind the library shelves. With their stockings slipping down and their shirts untucked. Big round specs are so appealingly frumpy - especially when they obscure the pleasant surprise of velvety thick black lashes.
Ps. The rest of this Numero editorial has a sweet, mod vibe. Sixties but not costumey or contrived.

Numéro May 2005 "Pomme d’Amour" Jennifer Pugh and Cameron Russell by Dusan Reljin

TwentySevenNames Spring 10/11 "Twelve" - The Group Shots

I've already posted the short stop-motion film and my behind-the-scenes shots of the TwentySevenNames spring collection but here are the group shots (I have the portraits and full shots coming shortly, don't want to bombard everyone all at once). The army of beautiful, doe-like girls is so effective; and adds a sense of strength to the delicate, girly collection.
One of the first things I said to Guy and Murray when I walked in as the portraits were being taken was that they HAD to do a pseudo "class photo"... And they did. And it's brilliant.
Source: Showroom 22

Big Country

I always love a good country themed editorial - something about the fresh air, straw, grass and old fashioned values seem so far removed from the fashion world and are like a breath of fresh air. Even though it's been done so many times before. And even though those are Ralph Lauren denim overalls (I think) and a Chloe denim shirt. Inspiring greeny Angela Lindvall is pretty perfect for this also.

Elle US May 2010 "Big Country" Angela Lindvall by Yelena Yemchuk

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dancer in the Dream

Natalia Vodianova brings an elegant, womanly element to these girly, flirty little dresses. I think the actually look miles better than on some of the younger models.

Vogue China May 2010 "Dancer in the Dream" Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TwentySevenNames Spring 10/10 "Twelve" Film

Here's the stop-motion film by Michael Humphrey that was played at the TwentySevenNames collection presentation lastnight. Listless, dreamy and with a sense of anticipation and ennui; it explores the visual power of a group and showcases the collection beautifully.

Exclusive: Behind The Scenes - Twenty Seven Names Spring 10 Lookbook Shoot.

On Friday last week I was lucky enough to get to shoot some behind the scenes shots of the TwentySevenNames shoot for their Spring/Summer collection "Twelve". Shot by Guy Coombes at Showroom 22, and featuring twelve gorgeous, faun-like young models. The collection is a development on from the Winter "Butter Not Bombs" collection and the feminine, sixties aesthetic. It captures the innocence and anti-war idealism of wide-eyed youth.

My favorite pieces were the delicate white dresses (you all know how much I love things in that vein). Particularly the ones on the middle and right in the shot below.

The patchwork print is also very charming - and really grew on my over the few hours I was at the showroom. And I love the sheer white shirt with the lilac collar and cuffs - especially with matching shorts.

The model on the right was the girl we shot with easter weekend, was lovely to see her again (and can't wait to see the shots from then).

Is it wrong to want three white dresses from one collection?

Photos by me

Monday, April 12, 2010

Born In The USA

I've already posted some shots on Front Row Diary from this adorably nostalgic UK Vogue editorial featuring Karlie Kloss but just had to post more here. I've always had a thing for Americana, I think because Dad is from the States so I grew up with stories of the place and it's history. The young Miss Kloss dons the best of the Spring pieces and does wide-eyed, preppy innocence to a tee.

Vogue UK May 2010 "Born In The USA" Karlie Kloss by Alasdair McLellan