Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fly By Night

Wow long weekend! Was down in Cambridge at Lake Karapiro all weekend, little sister was rowing her heart out - and I love to go down and relive my days at the sport. Feels like going home. Was so nice to go and soak up some sun and see the stunning lake and scenery... Not so nice was the constant downpour all sunday, felt like a duck and looked the a drowned rat. Charming!

This however, actually is charming. We aren't in Kansas or Oz, but the girly, childlike pieces from the Spring collections evoke our Miss Dorothy Gale - or am I getting this vibe because I've just finished reading Wicked and have started on the sequel? Great book by the way - love the politics, folklore, history, literature references and pop culture.
Love the Louis Vuitton and especially the Christopher Kane - the dude has converted me to gingham, which I have hated for forever.
W February 2010 "Fly By Night" Imogen & Dorothea by Craig McDean 

Chloe Pre-Fall 10

Regular readers will know I am a major Chloe fan - and have been for years. In fact I still regularly go back and look at the adorable baby-smock/chunky-wedge collections Phoebe Philo did at the house. I equally (if not more so) love the work Hannah MacGibbon's been doing for the label - as you all know, with my incessant rambling about her recent collections. I didn't know if anything could beat the perfect of the spring collection, but the recent Pre-Fall lookbook has proved to be a subtle advancement, whilst still fitting in seamlessly with the previous collections.

There's a strong element of menswear in the form of loose, slouchy suiting in refreshingly soft greys, creams and plaids. I also really like the buttoned-up shirts worn sans tie.
I've been increasingly obsessed with capes lately - the Chloe ones have been particularly perfect (and I can't wait till I get my hands on the Sherie Muijs cape I've ordered for winter). I love the lines and shapes they create, the drama they evoke yet also the relaxed, masculinity of a tailored cape. The capes in the Pre-Fall Chloe collection have only made this obsession worse. That light grey and tan plaid looks stunning, soft yet masculine. 
A nice contrast to the oversized, slouchy mannish suiting are these skinny little plaid suits. Childlike, boyish, simple and adorable. The dark plaid pants in particular are my favorite. And I love the simplicity of the collarless jackets. The oversized mouse brown one is also sweet - especially layered over the cropped sweater and shirt. With equally perfect trousers. I think I want every pair?
Although the menswear elements are a strong part of the collection, their more feminine counterparts are equally crush-worthy. I really liked the development on the cream-column look that we saw for Spring. The slightly differing tones, the simplicity and the sharpness of the black collar are all refreshingly clean.
Love the plaid, long sleeved mini-dress too. This is a style I really like - tones down the shortness of the dress with the sleeves, high neck and endearingly dowdy print.
Oh and arent the loafers BRILLIANT!?!? These are what I've been searching for!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Wow it's been an oddly busy week (considering it's holidays). Between my two jobs, being family taxi and trying to make time to see friends I have been a bad bad blogger. And there's sooo much I have to share with everyone (some beaut Spring editorials, some Pre-Fall collections and so on). Good thing is I am heading out of town for the weekend so shall do a lot of post writing when I'm holed up in the stuffy motel ready to have up on Sunday night. Many apologies!!

In the meantime, how nice are these? I love how refreshing the natural lighting and setting are. Not to mention how beautiful Devon Aoki is.

Self Service Fall 2009 Devon Aoki by Max Farago 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Over The Top

This is what I wish we'd seen Karlie do in her Spring editorial. Shannan Click totally works Stella McCartney..  And those rings. And as you've probably realised, every time I see some of that Miu Miu, I fall more and more in love.

Vogue Germany Feb 10 "Over The Top" Shannan Click 

Wanting: Giles' Spring 10 Triceratops Bags

Soooo I was obsessed with these adorable little things when they came down the Giles runway in Paris for Spring. I mean seriously, a metallic pastel Triceratops bag! Katie Grand has been spotted with one, and now (via a visit to Girl With The Kaleidoscope Eyes) I've found out that on Love magazines blog they have a multitude of close up shots of them to finally satisfy those of us who were yearning for a closer look.

The only problem left is... How on earth am I going to get my hands on one!?

Source: Love Blog

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back In The Saddle

After a long day at work (and another tomorrow) some quirky fun with some of the slick Spring pieces is just what I need. It also helps that this editorial features one of my favorite girls, Constance Jablonski. Plenty of the Celine and Miu Miu that I'm currently obsessed with. Likewise strong brows.  Oh and a very shiny black horse.

Vogue US Feb 2010 "Back In The Saddle" 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Obsessed: Polka Dots

In the past few months, I have inexplicably become totally obsessed with polka dots. I don't know where it's come from, but I think it's been simmering for a long time. I also think it has something to do with the fact that as I get older, I feel more comfortable wearing childish, fun prints like polka dots as I have the maturity to carry them off and look a bit more ironic. When I was younger they just made me feel immature I think.

Some of my favorite muses, both past and present are fans of the dot. That TV Guide cover is one of my favorite Mia Farrow shots. And Chloe Sevigny's spotty dress is one of my most loved red carpet looks ever.

Left to Right: Mia Farrow, Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny

Karen Walker touched on the print back for Spring 08 with her races themed "Lucky" collection - the giant spots were inspired by jockey silks and had a playful naivete.

Karen Walker Spring 08 "Lucky"

Print man Josh Goot used bold black and white spots in two different sizes to break up the soft pastels and ocean blues he used for Spring.

Josh Goot Spring 10

And the now (tragically) late Luella featured feminine, prim polka dots for Spring also - definitely getting a Minnie Mouse vibe, and I love it.

Luella Spring 10

Closer to home, the spot popped up at Ruby - I will definitely be getting my hands on the pants or mini-bloomers.

Ruby Winter 10 "Sweetheart"

... And those trousers too from Lonely Hearts. Do you think there's a limit of how many spotty pants a girl needs?

Lonely Hearts Winter 10 "What's Your Damage"

My own little spotty collection started with the DR Denim mens shirt on the right from Black Box, cant wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it again. I picked up the sleeveless, brick red shirt in the middle at my local opshop. And the skirt is just a cheapy from Cotton On but is perfect for wearing under my mens shirts and my Breton tee.

Gucci Menswear Fall 10

I was very pleased to see some of my favorite pieces in the Gucci menswear show; duffle coats a la Mr P. Bear (god I reference him way to much. How old am i?!) in the richest wool, fair isle knits (and in man cardies! I know!), velvet jackets, and the surprisingly appealing fur coats for men. The latter have been popping up at all the shows, and I'm not complaining. Although I'm not sure how well they'd translate off the runway (especially here in little old New Zealand).

Source: GQ

Spring's Stand Outs

W have done a brilliant line up of a million models in the standout looks from spring - all roughly arranged by hue and style. These are my favorites, mostly pale and feminine. And I love that they all look like they are in the longest queue in the world, or a crime suspect lineups. Both equally glamorous of course.

Source: Ru Glamour

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inspiration: Garance

You can always count on Garance for some inspiration. The softness of this coat looks divine - the perfect rich camel hue. And I'm obsessed with mannish hats these days, so the chocolaty fedora with the mustard ribbon is perfect.

Source: Garance Dore

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prada Menswear Fall 10

Prada went all preppy and classic for Fall menswear. Mrs Prada played with proportion however - cropped little sweaters showing the bottom of the shirt are a quirky touch.

These first three looks in particular are totally dedicated to my dear Dad - he's lived in pale blue shirts, cream chinos, and black or camel jackets for my whole life, and I love him for it. Gotta admire him for knowing what he likes and sticking too it. As I've gotten older I find myself looking in the mirror and getting a fright to see myself in something like a chambray shirt and camel cashmere sweater - it's rubbing off on me! But it's classic and timeless. In fact my parents and I all live in variations of this colour palette. Family outings can be quite amusing. Is anyone else's family like this??

Anyway, back to the collection. I love the all tan outfit - creamy, soft, honeycomb-esque goodness. And shearling featured here too, as did double layer collars.

There show also featured some of the Pre-Fall Womenswear. The contrast-collared camo print coat is particularly sweet - I love a good obnoxious print.

Source: GQ

Burberry Menswear Fall 10

Every season my crush on Christopher Bailey's collections for Burberry gets more and more intense. I loved the luminous, pastel Spring collection and the beaut Pre Fall (not to mention every collection of his ever). The menswear collection has just shown in Milan and needless to say it's all kinds of amazing and has me wishing I was a boy (which happens all to frequently, although I just dress like them anyway sometimes).

I'm a big fan of a denim shirt, so it was a refreshing surprise to see something that is so associated with iconic Americana at the quintessentially British house.  It was perfectly paired with olive-grey hued coats, slim black trousers and the fur topped black boots that carried through the whole collection. Such a simple look yet so effective.

An equally good colour combination is the grey shirts with the mustardy-olive outer wear. Refreshingly different, ugly-good and surprisingly complimentary.

Some of my favorite pieces of outerwear were also the simplest.

And I love the simplicity of a man in a good sweater. That police-style navy one is particularly good.

Shearling made a major appearance in outerwear. Not only is it functional and appealingly tactile, it also adds drama and body. Particularly to those face-framing double collars.

Oh yea, and it totally appeared in full on shearling shaggy-coats. I can't help but love this - and it's oddly super attractive on males. This trend has been cropping up everywhere at Milan Fashion Week. They are a little bit pimp and a little bit Brian Jones. It just makes you want to cuddle them... And then steal their coat.

Source: GQ

FRONT ROW DIARY: Spring 2010 Campaigns

Sorry I haven't had much time for blogging the past couple of days, has been a tad busy!! And crazy hot, tempted to just lie on the floor for all my waking hours!

But check out Front Row Diary for my latest piece on all the new Spring 2010 Campaigns. What were your favorites? Were there any that surprised/disappointed you?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Muses: Diane & The Olsens

The divine Miss Kruger is one of my number one red carpet muses - she absolutely nails whatever she does, be it body con, Chanel, glamour or futuristic. I love the clean, soft minimalism of this Donna Karan gown. Dresses like this can tend to be harsh and unforgiving, but its soft draping, asymmetry and subtle sheer details give it a delicate femininity.

On the polar opposite of the spectrum is this slick, futuristic Karl Lagerfeld dress. Part medieval warrior, part alien sex robot = all kinds of good. Its a testament to Kruger's versatility, quiet confidence and natural poise that she can carry off such opposing looks.

The Olsens are equally good at nailing both red carpet and casual looks. Here we have Ashley pulling out my favorite beauty look of the year so far (and perhaps last year too). The strong browns and dark lips paired with a neutral, bronzed face is absolute perfection. I know it's not to everyones taste, but this is the perfect example of the time of night time beauty look I'm loving at the moment. The dress is also a brilliant example of winter glamour dressing. And it's totally verging into Tim Burton territory, which is of course awesome. On the right Mary Kate does what Olsen's do best when off duty; big and voluminous, leather and those now iconic Balenciaga boots that she's been wearing for years now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vogue Paris February 2010 Cover

Now this is how to do a Vogue cover. Love the nostalgic references - Daria looks like she could be a Supe from back in their hey day. And the dreamy, golden light is beautiful - so natural and so far from the studio. And now that I'm seeing that Prada dress off the runway, I'm kindof totally in love with it. Paired with the pigtails and obscenely glossy lips on the runway, I found it all a bit too much and a bit plastic - but this is perfect. Can. Not. Wait. To see this issue.

Vogue Paris February 2010 Cover 

Alberta Ferretti Spring 10 Campaign

Another campaign shot, this time from Alberta Ferretti (who I admittedly usually forget about). This is how (now infamous) jumping shots should be done, and blows them all out of the water. Multiple models, flying ribbons, voluminous sheer dresses, beautiful neutral palette. Beaut. Also, love the contrast between the femininty of the dresses, the childish sweetness of the ribbons and the boyish brogues.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 10 Campaign

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chloe Spring 10 Campaign

The Chloe campaigns are always the ones I look forward to seeing - they retain a similar aesthetic vein season to season, yet each new one is a breath of fresh air. The "Chloe Girl" is also always ridiculously beautiful, natural and enviable - have been crushing on them ever since the first season of the Paddington. The spring campaign is as beautiful as usual. So simple, clean and preppy with a natural warmth. All looks featured were favorites of mine from the catwalk (and the whole palette is full of my favorite and most worn hues). Not to mention, how obscenely gorgeous and nostalgic is that softly waved hair?

Ps: so glad to see Constance, but wheres Anja??

Muddy Waters

I was thinking it's time to start on some of those resolutions - especially as alot of you agreed that I need to do more outfit posts. As I'm lamely self-conscious I tend to steer away from doing them. But I had to share this new dress with you. I'd been having a bit of a down week, but on Wednesday I payed a visit to Karen Walker in Ponsonby to get my replacement pair of Helter Skelter sunglasses (the insurance money finally came through from the pair that blew away) and I found this darling dress. Its the Muddy Waters dress from The Believers collection and was the only one left in their stale (which is still on might I add, go asap). Between my Mum and Scarlet and Ange from the store, they got me into a dress, quite a rare occasion. Those that know me well know I'm not usually a dress girl - I can never seem to find one that's just right, this however fits the bill; a bit preppy, a bit amish, a little Rosemary's Baby. Perfection. Bliss.

Am I the only one that struggles to find dresses that are everything I want and more?