Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well Shod

I always like to start the new year off with a new pair of shoes - I always find that footwear tends to capture a period of time more then clothing (maybe because I live in whatever my current shoe of choice is for weeks - currently Kathryn Wilson lace up flats). I've been looking for the perfect pair of man-shoes for months; wanting loafers and Oxford brogues (with some Creepers and shoe-boots thrown in for good measure). Maybe it's because life's a bit hectic and change-y at the moment, but I have such a strong desire to wear serious, un-girly shoes (that may whisper "piss off" if I want them too).

Top - Bottom: Chloe Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Bass w Penny Loafer, Opening Ceremony m17 Huarache Creeper

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Margaret Howell Winter 09

I only just found the lookbook for Margaret Howell's Fall 09 collection featuring a serene, boyish Kim Noorda. As I'm a sucker for simple, boyish prep - I understandably love these. Particularly the look on the far left. So simple, so good.

The whole collection is how I feel like dressing right now. Like a breath of fresh air, and a respite from both the sexiness and grunge we've been bombarded with this year. Am I the only one finding that?

Source: Fashionising

Monday, December 28, 2009

Liebmarlene Vintage

I don't know about you but I get a bit excited when I discover a new blog. There's only a limited number I read regularly so I love finding a new one to add to the list. I found Liebemarlene Vintage via Alexa Chung's Twitter. Full of the most gorgeous vintage - part post-war child, part librarian, part Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.. So basically perfect. I have serious dress envy. And its brunettes like this that make me wish I was one so as to pull of a heavy fringe.

Ps sorry for the lack of festive and end of year posts, we had a big family emergency just before Christmas, so I've been doing what I can.

Source: Liebamarlene Vintage

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Muses

Some of my favorite girls have been pulling out some killer winter looks, makes me (nearly) wish it was cooler here. Not that I'm not relishing the heat and the sea air here, but it's nice to get some inspiration for six months time.

Miss Sevigny seems to share my love of Mad Pants. And I can't remember ever seeing a fur jacket like that A) on someones who's not a 60+ divorcee and B) actually looking pretty awesome.

The ever lovely Diane Kruger is unbeatable at nailing both red carpet and off duty. I'm particularly lusting after those black oxford brogues she has on - very similar to a pair I tried on in Mei Mei on Ponsonby Road the other day.

The Olsens have been a bit up and down this year, but everything I've seen of them around Christmas this year has been spot on. The girls know how to layer like no one else. Their scruffy, baggy, hobo-chic look is still one of my favorite looks.

What better way to survive winter than to wrap oneself in what is essentially a blanket?

Saturday, December 26, 2009


There's something I really like about this shot. Maybe its the geometrically slashed black one pieces. Or the plentitude of old-school gold chains (fob chain!!). Or the washed out American flag. Whatever it is, it's the perfect shot for the start of the real summer weather.

Zimmermann Swim Summer 10 lookbook 

Source: Fashionising

Team Wang: Spring 10

 A mini lookbook of sorts has drifted out of the Alexander Wang stable, featuring the Spring 10 collection (that I'm infinitely obsessed with). Like all of his collection this athletic, jock-homage  is dripping with sweaty sex appeal - and that is not a bad thing - and effortless, boyish dishevelment. Love the execution of these in the soft, side-lit black and white shots.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bread And Butter

Soft, creamy, buttery hues are perfect for a balmy summer Christmas. Simple and understated without being cold or clinical like white. I love to balance out a long, feminine dress with the contrast of some mannish shoes.

Source: Net-A-Porter

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hits From The Collections

It's started. The clothes that hit the runway for Spring 10 are now gracing the pages of the big magazines. Sometimes the straight-off-the-runway looks can be a little bland and derivative, but Miss Rubik does a killer job of capturing the mood of each look and infusing it with personality.

Left to Right: Tommy Hilfiger, Missoni

Left to Right: Chloe, Anna Molinari

Harper’s Bazaar US Jan 10 "Hits From The Collections" 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nostalgic Beauty Muse: Michelle Phillips

Needing some effortless beauty inspiration for the summer (or winter, make it work)? I've been looking to the beaut Michelle Phillips of The Mommas & The Papas lately - natural, effortless, California cool.
Check out my piece on her over on Beauty Bible.

I'm heading away from the weeekend! Joy of joys - finally escaping Auckland, although not looking forward to the drive on my own after a big-ish night last night (urgh my head, and also my sent messages folder). Suck it up Emma.
Have a lovely weekend! And good luck Christmas shopping.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tv Winter 10 "Nothing But Flowers"

As you know, I'm a bit of a big Tv fan (the label, not the appliance - obviously). I recently picked up a laser cut tee and a perfectly cut pair of burgundy jeans from their summer collection - as well as having the leopard print merino leggings from last winter. So needless to say I've been looking forward to seeing their Winter 10 lookbook.

The "Nothing But Flowers" collection retains some of the key concepts from last season (laser cutting, linear patterned knits), incorporates the dream catcher feature from Summer 08/09's "Instant Karma" collection (that I adored) and adds a welcome plethora of kitschy florals into the mix.

Ps: if your in Auckland and want to get your paws on some Tv goodness, go see the uber nice and helpful boys Jae at Blackbox and James at Children Of Vision.

I love a dark, moody, old fashioned floral - and this is perfect. I've been on the hunt for some good childlike dresses, and the one on the left is ticking the boxes. Likewise are the floral pants. I find statement pants such a good, effortless option (especially for early uni morning) - just toss on with a tee or a sweater and your good to go.

Left to Right: Holly Hobby Dress in Oriental Brocade, Oversized ShirtBustier in Oriental BrocadePin Tuck Legging, Oriental Brocade JeansPatch Pocket Shirt

I equally love the lighter florals too. Do I need to pairs of floral pants? I think so.

Left to Right: Electric Nylon Gathered Skirt in Autumn Jacquard & Cyber Pull Over, Autumn Jacquard Bustier w Dream CatcherAutumn Jacquard Hotpant, Berry TeeAutumn Jacquard Jeans.

And a skirt? Of course.

Left to Right: Black Floral Pocket SkirtDenim Jacket Oversized Shirt, Long JohnHand Knitted Fox Scarf, Black Floral Trackpant & Cyber Pull Over

And I don't need to say that floral + button up shirt = lustworthy.

Left to Right: Blue Floral Sack Dress, Blue Floral Patch Pocket Shirt & Pocket Skirt
Source: Ingrid @ Tv

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorite Models of 2009

It's funny how some favorites change and yet others remain stagnant. New faces pop up, old ones get stale. It's been a good year for the moddles, with some insane editorials, model dedicated issues and killer runway collections to showcase their talent. Here are my favorites from 09 (alphabetically, I'm to indecisive to rank) as well as honorable mentions for old or upcoming favorites.

With her baby face and killer body, Miss Kershaw is a unique beauty - combining sex appeal, childlike innocence and an endearing awkwardness (those teeth! Love them). She's has one of my favorite off-duty wardrobes, eclectic and just the right amount of crazy.

I love Behati, and don't get to see enough of her in print or on the runway. Her Russh editorial on the left is one of my favorites of the year - so simple and perfect. Like Miss Kershaw above, she also ranks high on my list of models style. And I think she has one of the best bodies in the business - slim yet healthy - such a good role model.

I only became a Constance fan this year (after her Russh cover) but she has quickly become one of my favorites. I have a massive hair-crush on her mane, and that face is so perfect: beautiful yet also an example of what they used to call "a handsome woman".

Werbowy is an old favorite from forever ago - and never seems to drop off my top ten list. It might be because despite her high profile she never seems over exposed, she retains mystique and integrity.

Erichsen is another longtime favorite. She looks equally amazing in her usual edgy androgyny and clean, glowy femininity (like at the Chloe spring show). To me she is the epitome of the Alexander Wang Girl.

Everyone's been saying it was Stone's year. She had the whole February issue of French Vogue solely featuring her (a major coup if ever there was one) and is the poster child for the heralded return of "real women's bodies" on the catwalk. I personally love her for the whole package; the out of this world body, Bardot lips/hair combo, gappy teeth, and her serious no-brows look.

Lily used to be a major mod-crush of mine, but last year she slipped a bit (I honestly found it uncomfortable looking at her as she'd gotten so thin). So I was insanely excited when she came out at the spring shows looking so much healthier, softer and beautiful. I'd forgotten how stunning she is. She was one of my favorite girls all season and is firmly back in my top ten.

Poly is another long time fave. For me she dominates catwalk, editorial, everything. Her look at Alexander Wang's spring show was my favorite beauty look of the whole year. The hair, the brows, the nude face. Love her more and more each season.

Sasha is in the same pen as Poly. And was even better than usual this season.

Finishing off the top ten with another Aussie babe; Morton epitomizes the aesthetics of two of my favorite publications - Russh and No. She's one of my favorite editorial girls - natural, carefree, beaut.

Alyona Osmanova
Anja Rubik
- A long time favorite since she first fronted the Chloe campaigns, but her increasing thinness has made feel a bit uncomfortable to look at her.
Eniko Mihalik
- Killer body and stunning face, she's really growing on my and will no doubt be a major fave for next year.
Erin Wasson
Jessica Hart
- One of my favorite locals and with amazing model-off-duty style.
Julia Stegner
Jessica Stam
Maryna Linchuk
Natalia Vodianova
Zippora Seven

Who were your favorites this year? And was their anyone you lost interest in?

Image Sources: The Fashion Spot,, Fashion Gone Rogue, My scans.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Lover's online store is too pretty. Why can't my wardrobe consist of all of these? Virginal white, nostalgic florals...

... Black lace, tribal leopards and luxe velvet. Go forth and shop little ones!

Source: Lover 

Monday, December 14, 2009

14/12/09: Street Style

Every now and then I see some street style photographs that are like a cool breath of air. Simple, fresh and that make sense. I love the idea of the fashion recipe page from Garance Dore; so intimate, personal and cute.

And my heart skipped a beat a little when I saw this shot. These are made for eachother.

And you couldn't find much better examples of the holy trinity of denim, white tee and black jacket. Timeless, effortless.

Christmas Books

In my family, one of the key parts of Christmas day is everyone getting given a pile of books and spending the day curled up in a chair (with your food-baby) reading. I'll be gifting books this Christmas, particularly cookbooks for the foodie females in my clan. The pile of amazing books I got for my birthday pretty much made my year, so I'm looking forward to another good little stack this Yuletide. As usual, they are in the vein of model/groupie memoirs and sixties photography - with a Bret Easton Ellis or two thrown in for good measure.

The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda GrantLinda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era by Linda McCartneyB Model: An Embellished Memoir by Miranda DarlingLess Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis, Let's Spend the Night Together: Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies by Pamela Des Barres.

Favorite Collections Of 2009: Overseas

So many mind blowing collections have come down the catwalk this year and for once I loved the Spring collections more than the Fall. Maybe the recession made everyone think a bit differently - as there seemed to be a bit more consideration and restraint (not that they are bad things at all) and designers looked back to the bones of their aesthetics. Here are my favorite collections of the year, with my favorite looks from each - arranged alphabetically (I'm to indecisive to rank).

Wang's collections always  have the heady, aroma of sex and sweat - and this season that was more clear than ever with his killer collection inspired by athletics and American Football. Definitely one of my favorites of the year; It has me desperate for exposed athletic underwear, disheveled side plaits, mesh, marle and quarterback-shoulders. Not to mention a pigskin clutch bag.

BALMAIN Spring 10
Although I was somewhat disappointed by Christophe Decarnin's Fall collection for Balmain (not that it wasn't super hot, it just was in a too-similar vein to the previous season) Spring's collection saw a fresh, developed tangent of Balmania. Futuristic-soldier-gladiator-cavewoman is a to die for combination. And the sequined, bullet hole ridden collection in earthy, military hues exuded ravaged luxe.

The anglophile in me that grew up reading Enid Blyton, C.S Lewis, Nancy Mitford is always seduced the Christopher Bailey's collections for Burberry. Modern yet still traditional and British, they always retain some endearing primness and frump. The fall collection converted me once and for all to awkward-length skirts and dresses. And I still desperately want one of the fur and check snoods.

BURBERRY Spring 10
This collection was the complementary yet opposite side of the Burberry coin. Fun, sexy, short, sparkly but far from twee or vulgar. Luminous pastels contrasted with heirloom-esque belts. Belts in fact, were with everything. Which I loved.

CELINE Spring 10
We all waited with baited breath to see what Phoebe Philo would do at Celine, and she didn't disappoint. The spring collection was breathtakingly modern and new - managing to be both slick and clean yet also earthy and warm. Muted palettes let the fabrics and shapes sing. I've been coveting a simple leather dress ever since.

CHLOE Fall 09
Philo's old house is now under Hannah McGibbon, and I've been falling in love with every Chloe collection since she took the reigns. I'm still obsessed with the big cosy blanket capes from the Fall Collection. The long sheer skirts meanwhile are the epitome of delicate femininity.

CHLOE Spring 10
Somehow I loved the Spring collection even more. Shirts buttoned to the throat (am somewhat obsessed), ankle length skirts, man-suits, capes and ponchos. I want every single look. And what's more, its all executed in my favorite colours; tans, creams, blacks and sky blues. One can only wish.

Kane reinvents every season, and I love him for it. His Lolita-esque Spring collection made be do a sudden about turn on my feelings for gingham - Kane you manipulative temptress you.

MIU MIU Spring 10
On a similarly youthful, girly vein was the Miu Miu collection. I'm still obsessing over the surreal, childlike prints clashed together. Serious little mismatched suits in awesomely absurd proportions were bedmates with bejeweled, smocked dresses that err on the best side of saccharine.

Surfer girl meets amphibian-on-acid is my favorite way to describe the Proenza Schouler boys' collection. The surreal prints are on of my favourite parts, but I also (surprisingly) loved the boardshort-trousers. Paired with F**k Off Shades of course.

Last but certainly not least is the ever delightful Stella McCartney. She has the knack of creating clothes that women desperately want to wear (whether they have realised it yet or not). Slouch cream suiting just screams summer cool. I was secretly delighted to see dome up denim skirts in the Spring collection - an alternative to jeans, a foil for tailored pieces and surprisingly sexy in their own right (especially when unbuttoned to the upper thigh). Honorable mentions the absurdly appealing lace-nothings and the honeycomb hue.


What were your favorite international collections of the year??
And particular favorite looks/trends?
Was there any designer that particularly surprised you? Or disappointed?