Sunday, November 29, 2009


Freja is the ultimate in sexy, strong-yet-vulnerable androgyny. There's something so earthy, rangy and mysterious about her that I find so intriguing. She's also one of the few who can pull off looks like this and not look contrived or trend driven. There's a sense of integrity.
Ps sorry for lack of posts this weekend - have been at work the whole time!

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Saturday, November 28, 2009

26/11/09: Muses

I've been a bit underwhelmed with Alexa's style lately - not to mention hating on MTV for not posting outfit shots anymore. But the past week has seen her pull some killer dresses out. Its funny that for a girl who claims she "dresses like a teenage boy", she's the one I look at for the perfect dress inspirations. Quirky, childlike, insouciant.

And I'm beyond delight that Mary Kate is bringing hobo-grandma-Olsen back. I love love this look. Man-hat, fluffy nanna sweater, perfect Prada bag. Sigh.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Commoners Alike

A bane of my (sartorial) life seems to be the challenge of finding simple, unique, timeless basics - at a relatively affordable price. So you can imagine my delight a wee while ago when the obscenely affable and friendly Jae from Black Box told me he was starting his own line of intelligent, modern, minimalist affordable basics called Commoners Alike. Isaac had a chat with the man himself that's worth a read.
"It's the bones of a wardrobe.. my vision is to keep things quite simple and not have too strong an aesthetic. Not be too now."

I hate it when my clothes feel too new; so I love that the tees are all enzyme washed so they are soft and lived in. And the whole line is unisex, which is great as I usually just buy mens clothes anyway. A lot of the pieces have that share-with-the-boyfriend, picked-off-the-floor-the-morning-after look; a soft, casual, androgynous sensuality. Not that I have to do either these will be mine all mine when I get my hands on them, and I don't have anyone to share with currently. Top of my list are the slouch-pocket tees, the buttonless black cardigan and most of all the linen shirts - it's ridiculously hard to find a nice, modern linen shirt so I'm glad I have a very satisfying solution here. Hate that we'll have to wait till the new year!

Source: Jae @ Commoners Alike


Last night Plaything Gallery and Designer Direction threw a party for Yvan "Facehunter" Rodic the Swiss-French cool-hunter who travels the globe snapping well kitted out folk. And there was plenty of outfit perving to do last night; I spent my night guzzling Vitamin Water (orange is the one and only I love), shoe stalking a poor girl (she had the Burberry Boots from Fall 09!!! Seriously!!) and admiring the well dressed males who were with Rodic - silk bowtie + lapel broach, loved. Keep checking Facehunter to see what Auckland snaps pop up.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ARNSDORF Winter 10 "No One Belongs In My Suitcase More Than You"

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with buttoning my shirts right up to the throat, having in seen it done twice by Chloe Sevigny and on the runway at Chloe and Charlotte Ronson and locally at Twenty Seven Names. Therefore you can understand I got a wee bit excited when I opened the lookbook for Arnsdorf's Winter 10 collection "No One Belongs In My Suitcase More Than You" when it landed in my inbox lastnight.

My favorite look is the buttoned up (yet tantalisingly sheer) shirt combined with a jacket and molten trousers. Close runner up was the sheer shirt and jeans combo. The colours of the whole collection are really ticking all my boxes. I love combinations that should be wrong but some how just work so well; like the burgundy/grey and the peach/red/camel.

I love the sheen and luminosity of this look, and that its executed in mannish trousers (as opposed to the skirts and dresses that we are used to seeing in these kinds of fabrics).

Source: Jade @ Arnsdorf

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Don't Need No Education

I usually find the combination of children and fashion a bit cliche and saccharine, however this I love. Ryan McGinley shot kids dressed in the latest Winter 09 looks for Purple magazine. I think the strength lies in the fact that none of the little ones look like child models, or like they are pretending to be grown ups. Instead they are adorable wierd and imperfect looking - and their personality shines. Instead of getting their miniature Blue Steels on, their faces are full of emotion and they are clearing enjoying and reveling in dressing up.

Rodarte & Rick Owens

Ps: Is anyone else crazy-jealous of them?

Chanel & Prada

Purple A/W 09/10 "We Dont Need No Education" by Ryan McGinley

Monday, November 23, 2009

Summer Sweaters

I know we are going into summer down here (in a week to be precise - can't believe it) but that doesn't mean I'm not going to perve at all the heavenly knitwear from the northern hemisphere. And we still need something to keep us warm on those somewhat chilly summer nights oui? I love these sweaters from Chloe Sevigny For Opening Ceremony - they've got that post-war British child look, which I'm obsessed with lately. 

Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Crewneck Sweaters

Chalet Girl

 A little bit country, a little bit nordic and a little bit hippie = perfect. On a side note, this has got me yearning even more for the cable knit hotpants Stolen Girlfriends Club are doing for Winter.

Marie Claire Italy Dec 09 "Chalet Girl" Heather Marks

Karla Spetic Winter 10 "DREAMER"

Last week I shared with you the Elllery Winter 10 Lookbook, and here is another from across the ditch. Karla Spetic is Queen of the twist. This time around her collection includes a crazy covetable mummy-like dress that is fresh, sexy and just the right amount of creepy. Dresses seem to be the cornerstone of this collection; coming in a simple, refined white also.

Left to Right: Kate Asymmetric Twist Dress, Jules One Twist Sleeve Dress

Not to mention sultry black velvets and a spectrum of greys. Im a big fan of a well executed cut out (such a refreshing, quirky way to show a bit of unexpected skin).

Left to Right: Lola Velvet Bodysuit & Claire Side Gather Mini, Marilyn Cut-out Circle Dress, Lux 2 Tone Circle Dress, Kate Asymmetric Twist Dress

Other than that twist dress, the pieces I am really crushing on are the knitwear. Two-toned cardigans and boldly striped sweaters in grey and feminine pastels and perfectly quirky, sweet and a bit kitschy.

Left to Right: Meg Knitted Block Colour Cardigan & Rosie Hand Knitted Scarf & Sofia Hand Knitted Cable Mini,Maris knitted block colour sweater, Meg Knitted Block Colour Cardigan & Susie side twist trousers

Left to Right: Stella Loose Tee & Rosie Hand Knitted Scarf & Sofia Hand Knitted Cable Mini, Maggie Hand Knitted Socks

Friday, November 20, 2009

RIP Daul Kim

The fashion world was hit by some tragic news this morning... The beautiful, intelligent (and increasingly successful) model Daul Kim passed away in Paris at the age of only twenty. It's always heartbreaking when someone so young is taken; and what's even more sad is the whispers that it was suicide. She's the fifth model to pass suddenly in the past 18 months. I found this shot, and I think its poignant, bittersweet and hopeful. There's a sense of acceptance, peace and tranquility - all of which I hope she has now found.
RIP Daul Kim.

Showroom 22's Media Open Day: Winter 10

In the midst of my rather busy day yesterday (and making me a tad late for work) was Showroom 22's Media Open Day for Winter 10. This time round it was even more fun than usual; kicking off with a runway presentation from nine of their designers. It was a refreshing change - more intimate than a typical runway show, but also a bit more exciting than just wandering around looking at the rails (although we did that afterwards). I loved getting to see some of my runway favorites up close.

I'm not on my own in being a little bit obsessed with the layering used in the Twenty Seven Names looks, so it was good to have a look at the individual pieces closely. Love the breton striped top and the pink collar shirt - and particularly the lace waistcoat, a sweet, feminine twist.

I'm also a fan of Juliette Hogan's endearingly prim femininity. The classic blazers with unexpected spot lining put a smile on my face. And I love the idea of creating a full on tweedy outfit with both dress or shorts and the jacket. And as usual, I had a swoon over the pleat dress - these really make you feel like a goddess.

I love boyish, classic shoes - however my midget feet mean I can only be legitimate women's pairs. However Kathryn Wilson has produced a couple of pairs that were on my wishlist. I need the boat shoes, and those two-tone jazz shoes can take the pressure of my current, thrashed cream pair.

Ashley Has The Blues

Regular readers (and any friends of mine) will know I've been banging on about pastel hair for a lengthy chunk of time now. And you can understand I was pretty excited when I saw some shots of Ashley Olsen (on left) at an event with very subtle blue streaks in her hair. I think maybe the only way to get this out of my system is to actually do it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Midweek Muses: Chloe, Alexa & Diane

This have been a bit quite for a while from my favorite ladies; however finally there have been a bevy of spot on appearances (and more importantly outfits) for us to admire and covet.
I've been having a bit of an overdose on Chloe Sevigny this week - Just watched Kids and Party Monster - and now she's pulled out some amazing looks from the Miu Miu stable. I don't there are many people that could pull off the exposed bra look, but Miss Sevigny somehow gets it right. I absolutely love her in that Spring 10 Miu Miu look on the right; she adds sex appeal and cool to the girlyness and innocence of the piece.

I haven't seen much I loved from Alexa Chung in a while - and MTV has frustratingly stopped posting full length shots of her outfits!!! Why?! But at least there have been some event appearances to make up for it. I'm totally coveting on the necktie - must track something similar down. And the girl always looks good in her trademark tshirt/skirt/blazer/2.55 combo. A refreshing change however is the red lip and leopard print coat - I didn't like the lip with the red dress alone, but the coat breaks up the colour and adds a bit of luxe vamp to the look.

I've still got a big girl-crush on Diane Kruger; she always looks and dresses to perfection. Although some fall on the faces sartorially at events, thats the area in which she shines. The structure, shape and texture of the sequin dress are to die for. And I'm loving the duet of jumpsuits she's pulled out lately - particularly the black velvet Chloe number.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ELLERY Winter 10 "A Tribute To Dr Strange"

By now I know most of the Winter 10 collections from local designers off by heart, so I thought I'd see what was happening in my birth country across the Tasman - especially those that really excited me at RAFW. First up is the always covetable Ellery. Every season my crush on Kym Ellery's collections gets bigger (I particularly loved the kitsch-prom-goodness that was her Spring 09/10). For Winter "A Tribute To Dr Strange" amps up the dark, glam-rock sex appeal that Ellery does so well.

I love the deliciously creepy details like the skeletal ribs and hand embellishments. Sinister, oddly sexy and with quirky appeal.

Left to Right: Rib Cage long sleeve rayon crepe top & Gynecoid shortie, Rib Cage long sleeve rayon crepe top & Inaguinal Lamp Shade skirt, Speculum Assymetrical Jacket & Torsion Tee

I always fall for a good nude palette, and this was no exception; tans, creams and blush pinks paired with sharp blacks. Understated sex appeal yet has an inherent, classic sense of class.

Left to Right: Virginia Blazer & Levator-ani spliced leggings, Sequestrm snazzy sleeve jersey singlet & Gynecoid suede shortie, Wail Washington silk georgette dress & Inguinal lamp-shade leather skirt, Abdominis Tee & Gore-ey full skirt

I am absolutely coveting that long black dress on the left; occult, witchy, magical perfection. Ideal for swanning around in and shrouding your body when your having one of those days.

Left to Right: Aponeurosis jersey winged maxi dress, Sequestrum snazzy sleeve jersey singlet & Gynecoid leather shortie, Sciatic pant & Cricoids wool felt wrap

Clockwise: Ronguer High Side Jacket & Lipo Cowell Front Long Sleeve Dress, Newton jacket & Torsion drape tee, Blood feather skinny leg jeans

Left to Right: Speculum Assymetrical Jacket & Torsion Tee, Virginia Blazer & Gynecoid Leather Shortie

I'd also love to wrap myself up in the Sling long sleeve bodysuit on the left - would keep my fidgeting at bay I hope.

Left to Right: Sling long sleeve bodysuit, Surgeon lace and paint high neck camisole & Graz/Ellery Vision eyewear in Ash, Sequestrum Snazzy sleeve jersey singlet & Cervix wide leg pants

Sciatic pant & Cricoids wool felt wrap
Source: Kym @ Ellery

Monday, November 16, 2009


I finally got round to seeing An Education last night, and it was well worth the wait. Stunning film. So restrained and British. Hilarious dry humour but also heartwrenchingly sad. The period detail was amazing, but didn't overshadow the story. I have a massive girl crush on Jenny, played to perfection by the revelation that is Carey Mulligan, smart, adorable, confident - and with the best wardrobe. I actually preferred what she wore as a frumpy schoolgirl to the elegant outfits of her swan transformation; duffle coats, plaid, buttoned up shirts.

Source: All Movie Photo

I left the film with an urge to wear perfect shirts, knitwear, trousers and skirts - all topped off with a classic, childlike duffle coat.

Clockwise: Steve Alan Chambray Contrast Collar Shirt, Chloe Oversized Silk Shirt, Steve Alan Polka Dot Cotton Shirt, A.P.C Anchor-Embellished Wool Sweater, A.P.C Fine Wool Sweater, Christopher Kane Tartan Cashmere Sweater, Church's Classic Burwood Brogue, Lover Madeline Short Duffle Jacket, McQ Wool Blend Peacoat, Chloe High-Waisted Silk Pants, Miu Miu Embroidered Lace Top, Luella Caroline Full Skirt, Steve Allan Floral Print Cotton Shirt, Steve Allan Etta Cropped Wool Cardigan
Source: Net-A-Porter

Wild At Heart

Everyones gone mad for Where The Wild Things Are, and I love it. First there were the amazing pieces for Opening Ceremony and now Dazed & Confused have dedicated an issue to the film. Our girl Abbey Lee absolutely nails the wild, fantastical, creature-y-ness of the tale in primal leather, fur and feathers.

Dazed & Confused Dec 09 "Wild At Heart"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

White Out

Being a bit of a jock at heart (that frequently wrestles with my inner nerd) I get a bit competitive/aggressive/emotional when it comes to sport - both playing and watching. Last night our football boys the All Whites won the match that was the qualifier for the World Cup (they last went in '82). I'm a sucker for an underdog story and I think most of our little country watched - even typical rugby fans like me.
In honour of their win, lets take a moment to enjoy the sweaty, sexy athleticism that Alexander Wang has been seducing us with these past few seasons. I'm still searching for the perfect, obscenely-athletic crop top for summer.

Sources:, Google Images

Russh November 09 #31

I'm loving the Russh subscription I got from my clever friends for my birthday. Each new issue arrives plastic wrapped to my letterbox about three weeks before it hits the shelves here in New Zealand. With all the end of semester bedlam I hadn't had a chance to even anticipate the latest issue. When it arrived at the beginning of my last week, the poor thing sat on the dining table ignored and lonesome. However as soon as the holidays hit I devoured it in one sitting, and here are the spoils.

I'm insanely jealous of any girl who has a perfect gap-toothed grin. There's something so imperfectly beautiful yet mischievous about it - and it's such a surprise. Some of my all time style icons possessed this; from the classics like Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin to the current crop of Lara Stone and Jess Hart.

Photographer: Benny Horne
Fashion: Stevie Dance
Model: Ashley Smith

Style Icon: Meryl Streep
Trust Russh to pay homage to one of my favorite, but much overlooked, style icons. I would give my left arm for Meryl's thick blonde mane.

"I Want You To Want Me"
This editorial has been floating around the net for a while, but I refused to let myself see any shots from it (as always) and it was worth the wait. It has a dreamy, small-town nostalgia yet doesn't directly reference any particular decade; instead evoking both past, present and future.

Model: Daul Kim

"Jump Rock"
Likewise, the "Jump Rock" continues in a similar nostalgic, small-town vein and is a refreshing change to most swimwear editorials.

Photographer: Christopher Ferguson
Fashion: Stevie Dance
Models: Anabella, Kasey & Sam White

Scanned from Russh