Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl of the Golden Field

The country side in all its golden, farmy-goodness has been a reoccurring theme lately. There was Chanel's romp-in-the-hay Spring 10 show, the French Vogue watch feature with Magdalena, and now Daria is nocking everyone for six in this editorial. There's something so natural, earthy and back to basics about the concept; which I think appeals to many as it is a world away from hard edged glamour, over femininity or cliched sex appeal.

Vogue Nippon Nov 09 “Girl of the Golden Field” 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak Peek: Russh #31

It's semi-embaressing how much I look forward to each Russh issue. I love that their website and blog offers sneaky looks at the upcoming issue; that said, I don't really let myself look at much of it (just like how I dont let myself peak ahead while reading the issue). Number 31 looks amazing, as always. I'm hanging out for this to land in my letterbox - will hopefully be the perfect end of semester treat!!

Source: Russh

Stolen Girlfriends Club Winter 10 "Welcome To Nowhere"

You all probably know that I crushed hard on Stolen Girlfriends Club's Winter 10 collection "Welcome To Nowhere" when I saw it at ANZFW; I'm a diehard fan of Americana - especially of the Appalachian or Native American vein. The lookbook has provided a clearer look at their pieces (away from the excitement of the show and the runway shots).

I have a couple of styles of their pants already; always supremely comfortable and wearable. I love the styles this season - will definitely be getting myself the lobster pants. The Rumi pant is also all kinds of awesome - i cant imagine how fun these would feel to wear, but I'll definitely be giving these a test run once they hit the stores.

Left to Right: Rock Lobster Riding Pant, Teen Queen Jean, Rumi Flare Pants

I've been searching for a good navajo print jacket for forever (understandably hard to find here in New Zealand) so I love that I finally have an answer. I also love the fringing details, especially that cropped tee.

Left to Right: Aztec Biker Jacket, Aztec Sweater Dress, Cropped Fringe Tee, Fringe Sweater

The collection also includes some seriously appealing dresses - from the shirt and tight to the lengthy. I particularly love the long black dress and the flare sleeved (lace up!!!) mini dress. Definitely inspiring me to brave dresses more often.

Left to Right: Knit Tank Dress, Reptilia Dress, Stella Halter Dress, Bones Only Flared Dress

Knitwear is always a winter staple, so why not break out a little with some kooky-awesome chunkyness. I'm seriously coveting the cable knit hotpants - can not wait to get my paws on these. Same goes for the shaggy Yeti jersey. Tactile, irresistible goodness.

Left to Right: Cable Shorts, Yeti Crew


The features in French Vogue consistently blow me away. Their timepiece sections are always killer; and the latest was no exception. Magdalena getting down on the farm with tractors, crop and a bunny. Too perfect.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FRONT ROW DIARY: The Department Store - Level One

UPDATE: Front Row Diary's On-Site Live Discover Session of The Department Store
So we are finally done and dusted with the ground floor, check it all out below. And stay tuned as we move on up!
The Tea Room
Black Box
Flotsam & Jetsam
Simon James
Marr Lab
Karen Walker

Front Row Diary: Live On-Site Discovery Session at THE DEPARTMENT STORE

Hey all, Anna and I are at The Department Store as we speak - so keep your eye on Front Row Diary for our Live On-Site Discovery Session, powered by the angels at Vodafone.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wild Skye

Although us antipodeans in the Southern Hemisphere are getting geared up for summer, I couldn't resist posting this heavenly fur-heavy editorial. The luxurious grey furs combined with Skye's golden hair and fair skin is perfection. I love the rustic, country setting as well - tones down the overt glamour of the styling.

d’Eté et de Poésie

These are simply stunning; not unlike a modern day Vermeer. Soft, romantic and dreamy - yet with a warm, earthy quality. So simple yet so perfect.

Muse #19 fall-winter 2009 "d’Eté et de Poésie" Natasha Poly 

The Department Store: Opening Tomorrow

Here's something I've been waiting for for a while, The Department Store opens in Takapuna tomorrow! I'm going tomorrow with Front Row Diary's Anna Fitzpatrick, and am pretty excited. Its a retail crucible of my favorite places; Karen Walker, Black Box, Stephen Marr and Lucy & The Powder Room, Michael Lett Gallery.

As it is currently end of semester, I have been seriously shopping-deprived lately. So this will probably be overwhelmingly good.

10 Northcroft St, Takapuna
Source: Isaac Likes

26/10/09: Street Style

I'm a died in the wool breton fiend, not gonna lie. Even better than shots of one perfect breton, is those of two of them - such an adorable, uniform quality.

Anna Selezneva is wearing a refreshingly modern take on the classic matelot stripe. Freja always has the perfectly executed boy-girl looks.

I'm a big fan of long skirts - so deliciously frumpy and awesome. So understandably I love this big plaid number - especially paired with a mannish shirt-jacket combo. And isn't the shot on the right total bag porn?? Its the killer bags coming out after Chloe's Spring 10 show.

Kate & Diane

A couple of my favorite girls have popped up lately looking very well dressed, after I wee bit of a photo hiatus. Diane Kruger always exudes class, yet still seems like the sort of girl you could go have a beer with. That Balenciaga dress and spotty tights are killer. Likewise, Kate Bosworth (a longtime fave) has nailed it at several events lately. Im particularly dying over the cutout tan dress by Alexander Wang thats fresh of his Spring runway.

And heres a little more Kate for you, these are particularly sweet - playing on her "girl next door" vibe. Love the dark brown with the blonde hair.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

True Blue

Sooo I have a major crush on pastel & blonde locks right now. Maybe it's nostalgic memories of My Little Ponies, maybe its the desire for something fresh and new (yet soft and feminine). There's something so youthful, delicate and fun about sneaky, subtle chunks of pale blue (or pink or lavender) in perfectly creamy blonde hair.

Nylon Oct 09
Source: The Cut

Jane How

I love the work of stylist Jane How; fresh, timeless and a a bit tomboyish and grungy. The girls have a natural, imperfect beauty and nothing looks overly styled or trying to hard.

"Once Upon A Time"
Entirely dedicated to Stella McCartney pieces from Fall 08, one of my favorite collections. They are far removed from the drama of the catwalk or the glamour of some editorials; instead having a soft, relaxed, homely feel.

i-D September 2008 "Once Upon A Time"
Magdalena  by Alisdair McLellan & Jane How

"Outside Fresh And Wild"

iD Fall 2009 "Outside Fresh And Wild" 
Source: Fashionista

It's nice to see Isabeli Fontana in a different light; usually she's a bit of a sex-bomb, so it's a refreshing change to see her tomboyish and disheveled.

Self Service Fall/Winter 2007 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Alyona In Fall's Key Pieces

Alyona Osmanova is in my stable of favorite girls. For a blonde she has quite a unique look; deep set eyes and a bum-chin give her a moody edge. The girl also has one of the best manes of blonde hair.

I also really like seeing different magazines interpretations of a seasons hero pieces - here we get Flair's take on Fall 09. How killer is the pairing of Prada's dinosaur-gladiator heels with the bejewelled Miu Miu socks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Boys

I'm constantly inspired by well dressed males; I spend half my time dressed a tad too boyish, and love the fit of mens clothes. These lads all epitomise menswear looks I'm loving at the moments - classics with a refreshing, modern bent. Check out Refinery29 for a breakdown of these looks.
Ps: I seriously craving burgundy pants.

Source: Refinery29


Hey guys, sorry posting is a bit thin on the ground at the moment. It's end of semester so things are all kinds of crazy (i'm out of the house from 7am-9pm). But two weeks until my four month holiday - there will be some intense bloggage I promise. For now, have a read of my Spring 10 Trend Report (Part 2) for Front Row Diary - that I somehow found time to do.

And for general enjoyment, here is some Tallulah perfection.  The girl has my favorite pair of eyebrows ever.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Karen Walker's "The Village" Southern Hemisphere Winter 10

I always love seeing how Karen Walker styles the collections she shows in New York for those of us back home in the Southern Hemisphere (and the opposite season). The retro-nautical "The Village" collection looks especially sweet styled for our winter. And the model used in the lookbook was one of my favorites at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

I'm growing increasingly more addicted to Walker's trousers (live in the pair I do own, and want more. MORE!) The three below certainly tick all the boxes. However I must admit I was quite heartbroken to not see the seagull print from the runway anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere look book. Does this mean us antipodeans won't be able to get our hands on it??

Moving on, I've also been obsessed with contrast-collared jackets lately. So understandably I've got a big crush on the jacket on the right.

Stripes are abundant in this collection, and executed perfectly. I've fallen hard for that mottled grey double breasted jacket on the right; every season I get obsessed with one of Karen's jackets, it may be time to put my money where my lust is.

And finally, I NEED that jersey. The perfect rusty red/brown. Chunky, oversized - almost fisherman like. And the blue liberty-esque skirt? Heavenly.

Source: Karen Walker

Front Row Diary: Spring 10 & AUT Rookie

Hey all, check out my latest pieces for Front Row Diary! The first of my trend reports on the Spring 10 shows from overseas, and a look at AUT's recent Rookie Show (my favorites, and some goss from backstage)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Muses: Chloe & Mary Kate

I love some good Chloe inspiration. The girl has the most effortless, disheveled style; a timeless yet nostalgic, boy-girl mash up.

This look is particularly perfect - much copied and rarely nailed. Its killer execution lies in the face that all the pieces are originals with integrity (not copies of vintage). The girly floral dress, boyish denim jacket and manly blazer. Spot on. And don't even get me started on the killer specs.

Also on a disheveled-chic tangent, I had to post a little more of my favorite Olsen.

PFW Spring 2010: Street Style II

More inspiring street style from the Paris shows. There's a clear aesthetic vein running through these shots; Im loving the clean look of black, white and chambray blue. Clean and fresh, with kooky touches like a monochrome leopard print, or Acne wedges, or the pop of a bright lip against a classic white-tee/denim combo.

Source: Refinery29

Friday, October 16, 2009

Légende d'automne

At first glance, this instantly reminded me of The Wizard Of Oz. It had me dreaming of The Wicked Witch Of The West frolicking through the narcolepsy-inducing poppy field on the way to the Emerald City. Except she's not green, she's the beautiful Eniko Mihalik.

Numero #107 Oct 09 "Légende d'automne" 
Source: Fashionista

Thursday, October 15, 2009

14/10/09: Net-A-Porter

I love how classic (and generally foolproof) the combination of black and white/cream. However I always find if I execute it with more tailored pieces (jackets, shirts etc) i feel like a waiter/tuxedo/nun. So I tend to prefer more feminine or childlike pieces. Classically girly dresses, boyish jerseys and elegantly quirky one pieces like these are perfect - injecting romance, effortlessness and fun into what can be a jarring, contrasting look.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That helmet is all kinds of awesome. It looks like the crazy-perfect love child of a trojan helmet and Burberry's hardware-laden bags and belts from Spring 08.

i-D Fall 2009 "Eco-Warrior"
Anna Selezneva styled by Sarah Richardson, photographed by Richard Bush

Lass Mich

Now that the Spring 10 shows are done and dusted - and I dont have to frantically keep up with them - I can finally spend some time drooling over editorials (uni/work permitting).

I love the combination of softness, drama, glamour and awkwardness here. And I love that Sky is flying a flag for all us fair skinned blondes. Also - how killer is the metal-fringed dress on the right?

Tush #18 "Lass Mich"

Miss M. K. Olsen

Our girl MK has been somewhat laying low of late (or perhaps she's dropped in priority on the paps snap-lists). The latest shots have definitely been divisive - but I'm a major fan of her endearingly scruffy baggy-bohemian-grunge-glam style. I love swaddling myself in long skirts and big scarves - its comforting, and gives a sense of mystery and eccentricity. Not to mention that its refreshing and liberating to not be showing skin/leg/etc.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PFW Spring 2010: Street Style

I always love seeing pieces from my favorite designers in the "real world" (okay so outside fashion shows in Paris may not be my reality, but it is off the runway). So I always go a little gaga for the street style photographs that filter out from the collections.

Anja looks like a goddess in that Chloe skirt from fall 09 - so beautiful and elegant. And the shoes!!

Perfect examples of gray here - made fun, modern and sexy. LOVE the quirky-cute spotty lining and pocket square on that jacket. And the chopped tee is amped up by the killer sequin bra.

Bunny ears in real life??! Only in Paris. But yay! And I've gotta say that Garance is nailing it with that outfit.

Also, I would give a kidney for the hair on the left.