Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony

Trust Opening Ceremony to do something as crazy-awesome as a collaboration with Spike Jonze of "Where The Wild Things Are", as you do. As well as full on Max suits, the line also features classic furry garments like coats and vests - as well as heavenly and unexpected fur dresses, t-shirts and skirts.

I would totally live in that fur t-shirt dress if I ever could get my hands on it. Winter staple oui?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Street Style: New York & London Fashion Weeks Spring 10

I always enjoy the binge we get to have on inspiring street style photos when the shows are on - talented, influential - and obviously well dressed - folk are brought together in the crucibles that are the fashion capitals.

My favorites are the clean, relaxed, modern takes on classic tailoring. Perfect blazers and trousers in both classic colours and more unexpected. I also love the clever use of denim blues and the palest peaches.

Source: Sartorialist

I'm also a died in the wool camel fan (the colour not the dromedary) particularly in coats and knitwear. It's all I can do not to sleep in my cashmere camel jersey - I live in it that much. It's also such a good alternative to good old grey.

I'm totally tripping on jackets - particularly for transition into summer. Am basically obsessed with contrasting collars (especially velvet) and I love the look of a popped blazer collar.

Source: Turned Out

MFW Spring 2010: Etro, Dolce & Gabbana,

I'm loving that designers are returning to femininity and classics, maybe it's just me growing up a little. I really loved these three looks from the Etro show. They feature several of my favorite elements at the moment; slinky tailoring, pastels, sheerness and classic prints like plaids and florals. The look is nostalgic, feminine and both classic and youthful.

Still on the vein of femininity, I LOVE these white lace dresses from Dolce & Gabbana. Part communion, part virgin-bride, part high class Spanish brothel. The primness of the cut (high necks, long sleeves and the frumpy calf length that I am obsessed with right now) is foiled by the lace - a fabric the evokes both childlike innocence and womanly sex appeal. Paring it with blood red lips, dark boots and heavy heirloom jewellry prevents it being overly saccharine.

I am absolutely obsessed with the thick lace and ruffles of the look below left. Growing up we always had sewing boxes full of antique lace and crocheted scraps, so undoubtably this fed my grown up love.

The black lace pieces are also killer, as is that to die for red leopard print dress.

And I'm not gonna lie, I kindof totally love the neckties.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sherie Muijs AW10

There were not only amazing collections on the catwalks at ANZFW last week, there were also some beautiful pieces in the on site showrooms. My favorite without a doubt was the stunningly slick, classic collection from Sherie Muijs. You might remember me writing about her earlier in the year, back then her label went by Sherie Yvonne - it's now Sherie Muijs. A great change I think - evocative of the clean, european feel of her amazing garments.

Sherie and I were chilling in the MAC-ghd room, and I asked if she had a lookbook for her winter range (as I'd loved the summer) and it turns out she had the whole collection on sit at Showroom 22's area just outside the door. I promise you the lookbook doesn't even do these justice - the finishing and cut is impeccable. I drooled over the collars alone for an embarrassing length of time.

The dramatic cape is a knockout piece and the perfect opener for the lookbook. I love the clean, somewhat sweet collar that tops it off.

I think this shirt is one of my favorite pieces - I am a total shirt fiend, and this ticks all my boxes. The sharp little collar is amazing, as is the subtle check and the fact that it has pockets!

My other fave was this beaut sleeveless reefer. You really need to see this in person. I love that the lack of sleeves means it doesn't give you the bulkiness that jackets sometimes do, and its so trans-seasonal.

Another standout shirt was this one - I love the slightly off centre collar.

Source: Sherie @ Sherie Muijs

ANZFW 09: Kate Sylvester "Diamond Dogs"

The Wednesday night Kate Sylvester show "Diamond Dogs" was undoubtably one of the major highlights of fashion week for me. It blew me away from the first look that came out (pants-less blazer, amazing). Inspired by iconic 80s Auckland socialite Judith "Black Lips" Baragwanath.

From the first look that came out (below centre) I was in love. The amazing jackets and tailoring were the collections standout for me, as was their pairing with pale blush pinks and sheer lace lingerie. And I'm a total stripe fiend at the moment, so was very pleased to see these as well. The jewellry was also spot on - layered chunky silver and gold chains gave a luxe, upper-class, heirloom reference to the collection. Being a total magpie, and a necklaced addice - I was captivated.

Although I was crushing on all the pale blush tones I'd been seeing all week, I love the perfect grey-tinged blue at Kate Sylvester. Soft, a little dirty - and perfect fabric choice.

Totally digging the awesome trousers (and shorts) from the collection. Such a refreshing change from the denim everyones been living in for so long. Slouchy, manly and so sexy.

Sylvester's colour choices for spot on, delicate and feminine without being cliche or saccharine.

Source: Fashionz

Sunday, September 27, 2009

LFW Spring 2010: Jeremy Scott

Okay I understand this may not be to many peoples taste... But I unashamedly LOVE this. Jeremy Scott went to Bedrock for Spring with a collection that was pure Flintstone goodness.

Source: NYmag

MFW Spring 2010: Versace Accessories

Oh man these are all kinds of awesome. I wasn't a major fan of the clothes that showed at Versace, but the accessories on the other hand... Wow. Scales, chrome, leather, punchy pastels, strapping, layers. Yum.


LFW Spring 2010: Pringle Of Scotland & Roksanda Ilincic

I'm really digging the shorts-and-jacket combo at the moment. It gives what is usually a serious, mature piece some youth and fun. And showing off your pins balances out the solid shape of a jacket. I love it when they are in complimentary tones, like at Pringle. I particularly love the contrasting textures, and how the sparkle in the shorts elevates them from being to casusal.

The collection from Ilincic was another example of how a metallic finish can elevate normally casual pieces - like the molten tee.


LFW Spring 2010: Burberry

Christopher Bailey's Burberry collection (and return to London) was undoubtably one of the shows I've been most looking forward to in London. Every season he just gets better and better - and each is an evolution from the last, and also a fresh take on the iconic Burberry Aesthetic.

I always love seeing the spring collections - how the iconic pieces like the trench translate. This season there were beautiful lightweight and textured pieces. The classic tan hue of the house was understandably bountiful - featuring in outerwear, furs and beautiful soft and delicate dresses.

Beautiful pastel hues were also worked in - morning sky tones of the palest lilac and pink added a soft femininity and contrasted well with the killer black and tan belts.

The texture in the collection was beautiful and soft - with stand out twisting and draping creating interest in the with the soft palette.

Blue was another colour that featured strongly - absolutely perfect sky tones that added freshness and a cool purity. They particularly made the clever use of tan accessories pop magnificently.

I am absolutely obsessed with the belts; beautiful worn leather and the most amazing circular hardware that has a beautiful antique look.

And I can't believe how heavenly soft the fur looks - particularly love the hues it was executed in. The whole use of texture in the collection is quite mind blowing really.

And, as always, killer shoes!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

ANZFW 09: Beauty - Stolen Girlfriends Club, Kate Sylvester, Hailwood & Alexandra Owen

There has been amazingly inspiring runway beauty around all week - it really encourages you to push your boundaries with your own makeup and hair. It certainly helped that in the MAC & ghd VIP room this week we had a MAC team there to do our makeup whenever we wanted and ghd for our hair!!! Such a treat.

I rocked some killer bronze eyes quite a lot, and after seeing the killer "Diamond Dogs" show from Kate Sylvester I rocked an amazing inky lip (darkest purple - basically black - from the new range) to the Stolen Girlfriends Club "Welcome To Nowhere" show. Definitely will be purchasing that! As well as an amazing bronze brow gel and the bronzy mineral quad.

I absolutely loved the sunburnt, wind-ravaged look of the hair and makeup - so evocative of their theme of nomads and wanderers. It's definitely got me wanting to commit to a flushed cheek.

Inspired my local style icon Judith Baragwanath - who ran around town in amazing black lipstick and mens tailoring - the beauty at Kate Sylvester was stunning. You wouldn't believe the amount of ladies I saw the next day with varying darknesses of an inky lip.

Another inky lip featured at Hailwood - this time more Clara Bow and Queen Of Hearts.

I also really loved the strong brown and clean, dewy, flat-toned face at Alexandra Owen. It made the girls eyes pop like you wouldn't believe and has such a beautifully simple, refined and modern look.

Source: Tatum @ MAC

ANZFW 09: FRONT ROW DIARY - Trend Reports Day 2

More of my Trend Reports for Front Row Diary from day to - Kate Sylvester's amazing show "Diamond Dogs" (more on that later) is without a doubt one of my highlights of the week. SO inspiring.

Kate Sylvester
Trelise Cooper

Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry about the limited posting, things have been totally HECTIC. Like it took me two hours to finish a pack of sushi as I was so busy writing, talking to people etc. The shows have been amazing though - words can't describe how exciting and inspiring (in every respect possible - fashion, makeup, hard work, concepts etc) this week has been.

Check out my Trend Reports for Front Row Diary for some of the key looks we have been seeing.

Alexandra Owen

Sera Lilly

ps wait till I share Kate Sylvester and Stolen Girlfriends Club with you - AMAZING. I hope they blow your mind like they did mine!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

LFW Spring 2010: Christopher Kane, House Of Holland & Meadham Kirchhoff

The thing I love about Kane, is that with every collection he shows is so borderline bad taste but actually AMAZING. He totally pushes every boundary yet produces such beautiful things. At first you cant tell whether you love it or hate it, then it starts growing on you, and then within a week or two you are absolutely OBSESSED.

I love how this collection is a modern riff on Lolita - innocence, nostalgia, gingham. Breath of fresh air thats for sure. The execution in sheer fabrics is fantastic, as gingham can so easily look prim, dated and frumpy.

Henry Holland's collections are all very much about the show, the celebs, the party,  the collaborations and the fun. I did however like the pieces he did with Levi - buckled denim is fun and a bit different, and I would totally live in the bustier bras.

I love the collection's sparkly pink t-shirts - the stiffness and classic shape prevents them from being overly saccharine. They work especially well as a foil for the floaty cream pieces. A refreshingly modern, fun take on girly, feminine ideas.


LFW Spring 2010: Alexa at Burberry and More

I loved that stripe top and pinafore combo so much I just had to post some more on it. Also, I havn't seen anyone wear a trench so freshly and youthfully as Alexa does. Oh and there's plenty of 2.55 perving to enjoy here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LFW Spring 2010: Richard Nicoll Details

I've already written about the Richard Nicoll show late last night (or was it early this morning? who knows) but I just had to post the detail shots - they really showcase the amazing details (straps, bows, fringing), shapes and fabric.

I love the combination of the nude hues with the molten pewter and gunmetals.

The colour combinations were amazing - slightly neutral pastel blues and pinks look so soft and beautiful. Managing to be quirky yet pretty - yet not saccharine.