Monday, December 7, 2009

Mag Hag

My magazine pile is a bit ridiculous right now - a ton to both read and scan. But I can't help myself, every time I walk past a Magnation I come out with a heavy paper bag and more stamps on my loyalty card.  Especially at the moment; there are so many good ones (particularly local) that have just come out. So far I've got through NO, Lula, Black, Aus Vogue and have Karen and Remix left (not to mention all the French Vogues, Loves etc that I've had for months). And as I'm an OCD mag nerd, each issue takes me forever to read. I read every little bit of text, use colour coded post-its for things to scan and look up - and I NEVER let myself peek ahead. Lame huh.

I'm still crushing on some some current issues I've yet to get my hands on; the new iD (especially as it has a New Zealand contingent in it) and all of the below:

Source: Magnation

Especially with Christmas coming up, I've been thinking that magazines (the luxurious, thick kinds) are severely underrated as gifts. Especially as most of my friends are arty/fashiony/thinky types. Even better than a magazine is a full blown (addiction inducing) subscription - I got given a Russh one from my clever friends for my birthday this year, and it's all kinds of amazing. And I just found out that the (dealer to my habit) Magnation sells subscriptions online! Hint hint.


  1. Magnation is one of the greatest places on earth.

  2. i feel your addiction. i look forward to thursdays for the sole reason that magazines come out here that day.

    i've tagged you at my blog.... check it out.