Friday, October 2, 2009

ANZFW 09: Stolen Girlfriends Club "Welcome To Nowhere"

Sorry for the lack of posts this week - have been trying to get caught up with uni (in the wake of last weeks Fashion Week) and have had a charming post fash-week cold. Glam.

This post is uber-overdue (apoloies). Last Thursday night Stolen Girlfriends Club showed their "Welcome To Nowhere" collection in an ex freemasons building (you can see some of the choice paintwork in the background).

My favorite pieces from the whole collection were the killer blanket jackets that featured fleece, fur and suede. I've been looking everywhere for something like this - but these totally blew me away.

I loved the patterned shirts as well - the print was an awesome liberty/western/seventies hybrid and some featured pyramid studded collars.

The knitwear was also a standout - in particularly I'm deeply coveting the cable knitted hot pants. I would live in these (over opaques) in winter, no joke.

Likewise this ridiculously cuddly-straggly fringed sweater. Oh and those pants have lobsters embroidered on them. Too cute.

These pants are named the Rumi, obviously after the lovely Miss Neely of Fashion Toast - who I had the  pleasure of spending time with last week (she's a total sweetheart).

The shoes in the collection were totally insane - crepe wedge soled, suede, fur trimmed. Heaven.

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